Write GDI Articles - Write GDI Reviews

Write GDI Articles - Write GDI Reviews

By Kevin Hass - GDI Associate - Intended for GDI members.
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Writing a review of a home business opportunity is one of the best ways to market your GDI site and get referrals. You will find that there are a lot of prospects who are thinking about joining GDI, but they need a bit more information before signing up. These people will look for a review of GDI to get more information before taking the plunge. As an example, here is a review of GDI that I wrote specifically for this purpose.

Writing a review of GDI should not be difficult if you have already familiarized yourself with it. Use information from your GDI back office and your GDI Websites.

Once you have written your GDI review, post it everywhere you can. Post it in the following article directories for free:

Once you have posted your review on the internet, refer to it often and send it to your downline. If people email you asking questions you can give them the link to your GDI review.

If you can afford it, I highly recommend this powerful article writing tool. From just one review that you write, you can turn it into 1000's of articles from just 1 article, and submit these articles automatically with a built in article submitter. This is powerful because the more articles you get posted, the better chance you have of getting good search engine rankings on the Internet resulting in quality free traffic to your GDI sites. Click Here to find out how.

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