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STEP 1 - Join the Business Opportunities

You'll need top quality businesses and products to market on your website. This is easy. All you have to do is join a reputable affiliate program and resell other people's products for a profit. As an affiliate, you will earn money every time someone visits your website and joins the business or buys a product. Everything is done for you! You don't have to take orders, ship or store the products...just collect the checks when you make sales!

It would take hundreds of hours researching to find the best affiliate programs, but I've done this research for you. You will be selling products from 4 of the most reliable, respected and highest paying home business affiliate programs in the world!


1. Global Domains International
Global Domains International (GDI) offers an incredible $10 per month package that includes your own domain name that you may use with your WOW system. GDI is an award-winning network marketing company. GDI has no competition in the network marketing industry because they are the only company that has the ability to market domain names through the power of network marketing, and they pay you handsomely.
[7 day free trial...then ONLY $10 per month]
[This is where you will get your domain pick a good one associated with home based business]

2. SFI Marketing Group
SFI is probably the most successful affiliate programs on the Internet. SFI provides an excellent income opportunity because they give you a large Internet storefront of products that you can resell on your website for a profit everything from business tools and info products to personal care products such as shampoo and nutritional supplements. SFI has been in business since 1985 and is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau Join Free Here!

3. Empowerism
Empowerism provides you all the tools and training you need to be a successful Internet marketer. As a member, you also qualify to resell Empowerism memberships from your own site and earn $20 up-front and $7 monthly residual income for each referral. Empowerism is widely regarded as one of the easiest and most profitable programs on the Internet. Click Here to Join
(You must enroll with the $24.95 "Fast Track" option and select: "Yes, I want Auto-Renewal!".)

4. Internet Marketing Center
Some of the best selling products on the Internet are Internet marketing information products. The Internet Marketing Center is the premier affiliate program for the Internet marketing industry. As an Internet Marketing Center affiliate, you'll earn huge commissions directing your web traffic to popular info products such as "The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet", "The Insider Secrets Of An eBay Millionaire", "The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur" and several other high quality info products that you get rights to promote as an affiliate. Join Free Here!

STEP 2 - Order Web Hosting

All websites must rent space on the Internet...this is the web hosting.

MANDATORY: here for your web hosting (only $9.95 per month).

STEP 3 - Fill Out the Form Below

Once you confirm your web hosting, get your domain name, and receive your User names and ID numbers from the 4 affiliate programs in STEP 1, you'll have everything you need to complete the short form below for your "Wealth Online Website" application.

Please fill out the form below completely, and within 48 hours your MONEY MAKING "Wealth Online Website" (WOW) will be ready to go!

First Name: Last Name: Email:

Global Domains International - User Name you chose when signing up

SFI Marketing Group ID - 7-Digit Number

Empowerism ID - 6-Digit Number

Internet Marketing Center ID - 6-Digit Number

Your Domain Name
[If you would like to use a different domain name than your GDI .ws name, click here to order one]

That's it! Wasn't that easy! As soon as you submit your application, I will start building your new website right away and notify you within 48 hours when everything is ready!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me here. I reply to all emails.