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    Work From Home Jobs
    by Jeremy Horelick

    Work from home jobs have a natural appeal to those who've never worked them before. The idea of creating and managing one's own schedule, answering to no one but him or herself, and avoiding a mind-numbing commute each day is undeniably attractive. That said, there are major challenges posed by work from home jobs that most starry-eyed applicants never realize until it's too late and they've quit their widget-manufacturing positions for good.

    Work from home jobs require the type of discipline that most people frankly don't have. It's hard enough for the average corporate drone to get work done amidst the barrage of e-mails, web diversions, phone calls, and other distractions. Now imagine that you're also in arm's reach of your TV's remote control, your refrigerator, your swimming pool, and your cozy bed. That doesn't leave a lot of time for working.

    Types of Work from Home Jobs
    Some jobs that can be done from home are more or less office jobs that are fully dependent on virtual communication. If you spend your entire day communicating via the Internet or telephone, there's not much you can't handle from your home office as well. The only caveat is that in-person meetings become an impossibility, so if you're asked to meet with clients or co-workers you must either travel to the office or find a good excuse for skipping the session.

    Other gigs such as sales jobs can be much more challenging since there's less structure throughout the day. You may spend one day generating leads, the next day practicing your pitch, and the day after that meeting with customers in their own homes. You may also have to service their accounts from afar, which poses its own unique challenges. Of course, working from home makes it much more convenient to conduct your executive job search without rousing the suspicions of your co-workers or your boss.

    Featured Article:

    "The best method for successfully getting your ideal job"
    By Greg Dawson - Opportunity Group, Inc.

    As the economy limps along, finding a job is getting harder and harder. Despite that, many people are turning to a little used job hunting tool and getting the jobs they want. This is a far cry from the old methods many (and maybe you) still use today.

    Your Best Method for Getting the Ideal Job

    Here is what you should be doing to land your ideal job - Send your resume directly to the thousands of recruiters who are in direct contact with the employers who are looking to hire.

    This targeted, proactive delivery of your resume to the recruiters representing thousands of companies with great jobs is by FAR the best way to find the ideal job. Most job seekers NEVER do this, and if you don't, it is costing you time and money.

    One problem you might be saying to yourself "How do I get my resume out to these mass of recruiters?" The best way to make sure you get your resume into the hands of as many recruiters as possible is to sign up with a Resume Submission Service.

    What A Resume Submission Service Will Do For You

    A resume submission service will send your resume out to thousands of recruiters in your particular field. Don't even bother trying to do it yourself. Do you have hundreds of hours to research who and where these recruiters are?

    Using a Resume Submission Service will get your resume into the right hands in a matter of seconds. The results... you'll have the best chance of landing your ideal job. Which Resume Submission Service(s) should you use?

    I've evaluated several and chose Sample Resumes as the best overall resume submission service... they're effective at helping job seekers get the type of jobs they want. Try them out for yourself - click here.

    Happy (and successful) Job Hunting!

    Greg Dawson
    Opportunity Group, Inc.


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