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Work at Home Dad

Yes, I'm a work at home Dad and have been for over 6 years. I have 2 kids and I homeschool my daughter because she is setting her sights on a gymnastics career. I'm able to do this because I'm a successful Internet business owner. I developed this website to help other work at home dads succeed in their home business goals and their goals to spend more time with their children. Unfortunately, most work at home websites are catered to work at home moms. If you search 'work at home' on Google, most of the top sites are work at home mom sites, so I hope that this website will focuses more on what I believe stay at home dads will find more interesting. Obviously, a business opportunity does not discriminate between moms and dads, but I hope that I present some legtimate resources that us Dads may prefer.

My Dad never had the entrepreneural vision and worked hard 12 hour days to support the family. As I grew up, I new that I wanted something better for myself and my family. When the Internet was born, my search for a successful home based business began.

I soon discovered that the Internet is filled with "Work at Home" business opportunities. Most of these opportunities promises fast riches, so I became more intrigued.

I resisted starting my own home business for a variety of reasons, but I couldn't resist the incentive of easy money, especially when I was stuck in traffic thinking about spending more time with my kids. I decided, "Hey! It's time for me to find happiness and become a work at home dad! How do I start?" I did my research and have been successfully working at home for over 6 years. I hope that this website will help you achieve your work at home goals.

To begin, I suggest you use the below criteria to determine if an opportunity was legitimate?

My success was a result of participating in the following "Work at Home" businesses:

Most of the above provide a free trial, but will be charged a minimal fee if you want to truly earn a big income, but it is well worth it. I get a little discouraged at the negative press that claims a business is a scam if it costs money. If you think about it, this is a ridiculous statement. Who has ever succeeded in business without a monetary investment? The advantage to the above is that the monetary investment is small compared to most business start-up costs.

I hope that I have helped set you on the right course to a profitable home based business. Take advantage of the programs I have mentioned and become a work at home dad today!

To Your Success!

Kevin Hass

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