Using Google Adwords to Succeed with GDI

Please read carefully. If you are not a GDI member, please sign up here first.

OK. Buckle your seatbelt and pay close attention. I am very excited that you have decided to pursue this method. There is a lot here, but it's really not that difficult if you take it one step at a time. If I can do it anyone can.
Excuse the length of this document, but I simply must cover everything if you are serious about making money with GDI. Print it off, grab a cup of coffee, and take time to read it carefully. When you are finished email me or call me with any questions you might have. IF YOU APPLY THE STRATEGY THAT IS OUTLINED HERE I GUANANTEE YOU WILL SEE TREMENDOUS GROWTH IN YOUR GDI BUSINESS. But I understand it requires some focused attention - so again, don't hesitate to contact me if you need help.

I'm going to share with you exactly how several of my downline and I am able to recruit between 5-15 signups every week, without costing anything. Not only am I building a strong downline with many also signing up others who are also generating commissions, I'm making an additional $400-$800 in bonuses a month by signing up between 5 and 15 per week.

If you don't understand this go to the Leaderboard section in the Members Area. Every time you sign up 5 new members in one week you get a $100 bonus. If you get 10 new members you get $200, 15 you get $300 and so on. When you go to the Leaderboard section you will also see my name, Dave Moore, Ryan Bowman, Barry Hamilton and a few others who are using this exact system and appearing on the Leaderboard almost every week, so you can verify what I am telling you. I spend 5-6 hours a week on my GDI business. If you are serious about making money with GDI, you can do so very easily - and for NO cost - but only if YOU DO EXACTLY WHAT I TELL YOU. If you do, I PROMISE YOU THAT YOU WILL BUILD A STRONG DOWNLINE. AND IF YOU TEACH YOUR DOWNLINE THIS SIMPLE PRINCIPLE they will build a strong downline also, which means that your monthly income will grow, and you will prosper.

Here's how it works. First: Click Sign Up Now and on the next page click on Standard Edition and I Have a Web Page. Just read through the site information to understand how to open a google adwords advertising campaign. That will get you going. IF YOU GET STUCK CONTACT ME INSTEAD OF SAYING "I CAN'T DO THIS." I will be more than happy to help you with any problems you encounter.

When you are asked to enter your website enter or the .ws domain name you registered when you activated your account. Your domain name should automatically forward to the GDI presentation. Make sure you indicate that your ads should run in ALL TERRITORIES of the world, and not just in one country. You can only have your ads run in ALL TERRITORIES if you get the Standard Edition. It won't work with the Starter Edition. Also, be sure you enable the budget optimizer and activate the content network option in google adwords. Don't let the task of finding these options frustrate you. If you look you will find them. If you still can't just contact me and I'll help you.

You are now ready to set up your advertising campaign. You will simply type in your ads and choose keywords and keyphrases. When somebody searches Google for these keywords/keyphrases, your ads will appear. I recommend that you add 3 ad variations. Be creative. You can go back in and change these as often as you want to experiment with what ads bring the most traffic. Here are a couple of suggestions, but put your own touches on these ads.

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Next, you will need to decide on an advertising budget. If you want fast action go with $300 a month or more. This is the advertising budget I started with, but I recently increased it to $500 per month. And remember, you will make at least $400 a month from bonuses so IT REALLY WON'T COST YOU ANYTHING. YOU'LL BE MAKING MONEY from bonuses while you are building your downline and creating long-term ongoing income. You pay based on the number of clicks your ad receives. You can track these according to your keyword phrases through your google adwords campaign. Whatever budget you choose, google will ensure that you don't go over that amount in a month.

Now the most important and unique part of this system that brings the results...Find the right keyword phrases that people who are interested in starting a home business will click on. Most people who advertise a home business on Google use key phrases like: home business, work at home, Internet business, business opportunity, etc. It costs them an average of $2 per click for these popular key phrases. Don't do this, you'll go broke! Instead, use the following method: Go to google, or yahoo, or any search engine and search for phrases such as work at home business, home business, work at home, internet business, home based business and similar phrases. Look for the names of companies (which are almost always affiliates like you and me) who are advertising their business opportunities. Use the names of these businesses as your keywords. That's right, use the names of these businesses. When you type your keyword phrases into your google adwords campaign DO NOT ask for google's suggestions. Instead, enter the business's names as one keyword phrase. Enter their website addresses as another keywords phrase. For example, one home based business that you will probably come across is Coastal Vacations. Use coastal vacations as a keyword phrase. Also use and .net, and also use or .net, etc. Here's a couple more examples of business opportunities: Xango, SFI, Melaleuca, Liberty League, Genbucks.

I must stress: DO NOT use home based business or other similar keyword phrases such as this. There is too much competition for these keyword phrases, and most other people haven't figured out that using other company's names will get you a better click through rate for a lot less money. You are still attracting the kinds of people to your ads who are themselves looking for a home based business - they just don't know it is yours until they see it. When they do they will discover that GDI is a whole lot less expensive than the one they were originally looking for.

Find the names of as many companies as you can, where someone is advertising their home-based business. You need at least 100 of these. Also, wherever else you see any kind of online business advertised - on TV, on Billboards, in USA Today or other newspapers, use the names of these companies as keyword phrases also. Other ideas include authors and titles of popular home business and money making books.

Once you have done this, look to see which keywords are getting the best response, delete those that are not, and add new keyword phrases from time to time - but once you get the hang of it your adwords campaign can pretty much run on autopilot. I spend about 10 minutes per week tweaking my keyword phrases now that I have my google adwords campaign up and running.

Set your maximum cost per click at 0.31 to begin with. You will need to go to your adwords account periodically and tweak this. To do this just click on click on the box to the left of your campaign and then click the edit box above. Don't be intimidated by this. Once you get the hang of it you will find it easy to do.

You can expect, on average, about 1 prospect for every 10 clicks on your ad, and about 1 signup for every 30 clicks on your ad. So, if you have a google adwords advertising budget of just $50 per month, you can expect 2-3 signups per week, or 8-10 signups every month. In 8 months that would be somewhere around 70-80 signups. A $50 per month budget won't get you any GDI sign up bonuses so in this case your google adwords advertising will be an out-of-pocket advertising expense - if you are nervous about a higher advertising budget perhaps you will want to start here.

However, if you go with a budget of $300 you can expect, on average 5-10 signups every week, or 20-30 per month. This means YOU WILL RECEIVE SIGNUP BONUSES and your advertising budget will be more than covered. In 8 months that would be somewhere around 200-250 signups. Let's say you sign up 200. If each of them signs up only one person, and that continues down to five levels (again not 200 but just 1), in 8 months you will be making $6400 a month. What if they sign up more than 1? Well, you do the math. That's a lot of money. Does this help you understand why you can make a lot of money with this program? OK. If you took the time to read this entire document, and if you 1) apply what I shared with you, 2) stick with it for at least 6 months, and 3) teach those who sign up under you to do the same thing, you WILL IN TIME BECOME FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT. On the other hand, IF YOU KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'VE ALWAYS DONE, YOU WILL KEEP GETTING WHAT YOU'VE ALWAYS GOTTEN. So the choice is yours. And you have one added bonus. I am here to answer all of your questions and help you with this process. I am anxious to help you. But if you don't contact me I cannot help you. And I cannot motivate you. So the choice is yours. I'm rooting for your success.

Please don't hesitate to email your questions if you need help with this.

To Your Success!
Kevin Hass

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