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Why this is our #1 Top Home Based Business...

...presented in simple terms that anybody will understand.

The Product is Simple!

Since 2000, GDI has been the only online business that uses the power of network marketing to promote domain names. The products in this business opportunity are domain names, web hosting, web site builder and email accounts. That's it! The demand for these products grows every day! And these are the type of products that you will never have to inventory and ship since they are all electronic.

Anyone Can Afford it!

First, new members receive a 7-day free trial to test the waters. Then if they decide to pursue the home business, it's only $10 per month...that's hidden charges ever!

Earning Potential is Unlimited!

Your first instinct may be, "How can anyone earn a decent income from a product that only costs $10/month?" The power of network marketing allows you to earn income through an UNLIMITED level of members. You could be earning commissions from literally thousands of people below you. Go to this site and check out the Income Calculator to give you an idea of just how much you will be earning. And this doesn't include the unlimited bonus opportunities they provide! Click Here to see all unlimited ways to make money with GDI.

Incredible Marketing Tools!

GDI spent a half a million dollars designing a marketing system that is proving to be the best ever. Just check out these innovative presentations that you will have to market your new home business:

Testimonials from REAL People Who are Making Thousands!

Click Here to Read about how 1000's of real people worldwide who are building their own "Income for Life"

What we look for before participating in a business opportunity

Does the business provide a legitimate product or products that consumer will actually use? Definitely. More and more people everyday are getting domain names and web sites.

Does the business have reliable and easy access to customer support? Definitely. GDI provides fast online support, but also provides a phone number to call anytime to get questions answered.

Does the business have longevity? Since 2000, GDI has steadily grown and will soon be the largest network marketing company on the planet.

Does the business provide extensive free training and resources to help you get started fast? In addition to tons of free training resources, I will also provide you with a step by step training guide.

Does the business pay on-time? GDI has never been late on a payment and they provide several options to receive your money.

Does the business provide clear, consice information about all aspects of the opportunity? Definitely. GDI has clear, concise details on the company, income opportunity, the products as well as a weekly newsletter that teaches you how to make the most money you can with this incredible home business.

What more could you ask for? GDI has the perfect products, highest income potential, incredible marketing products, and testimonials from real people who are currently enjoying financial success with GDI. So what are you waiting for? Start your FREE trial today!

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