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That Free Thing Review


"That Free Thing"
- Weekly Residual Income
- No Recruiting Required
- 1000s of Free Stuff
- Worldwide Opportunity

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Testimony from Gary Pasek - March 13, 2011
"I have been in many programs in my 20 year career and have never seen any program that is so easy and markets itself. This business is in potential and all the offers That Free Thing possesses. Get your share of Free stuff and get paid-BIG! We are in the right place at the right time witht he right company. Great leadership and system in place, no one out there has the payout and product. Groupon watch out, we are coming!!"

Testimony from Rob Hawkins
"That Free Thing is AMAZING! So far my wife got free prescription glasses, I got a free $50,000 life insurance policy, just received free dog food, free paint kit, free garden seeds, free food coupons, free MP3 downloads...all this week. But the best thing about That Free Thing is the wonderful people..And of course getting paid isn't too bad either.:)"

Testimony from Andrew Brock - April 14
"Thanks That Free Thing for all the great freebies! My FREE $25 American Express Gift Card camin the mail this week! Gotta love FREE MONEY!"

That Free Thing Review

Here is a comprehensive review of That Free Thing. I have reviewed hundreds of work at home business opportunities over the years, but That Free Thing impresses me more than any other. It truly is one of the hottest new companies I have ever seen. The company is similar to Groupon with one major advantage, they provide 100% free stuff ...not just coupons or discounts. They are affiliated with companies all over the world that give away free stuff.

That Free Thing is really a "no brainer" business opportunity simply because EVERYONE loves free stuff, especially in todays economy. Just imagine being able to tap into a worldwide network of free products & services and instead of paying for a "discount" you pay a monthly membership and gain access to hundreds of free products and services that companies are DYING to give away.

Click Here to try it out for free and get your first 5 freebies immediately!

That Free Thing Review

Click Here to try it out for free and get your first 5 freebies immediately!

With the current state of the global economy this work at home opportunity is PERFECT! They expect to bring in over 1,000,000 members by the end of the year and the compensation plan allows those who don't even refer others to earn cash. Don't miss this one!

I believe what sets That Free Thing apart from the rest is the fact that NO Recruiting is required to make money. It is a fantastic Team Building approach that allows anyone to earn cash from a matrix with spillover. This means that the matrix is automatically filled from the efforts of those above you in the matrix!

I joined That Free Thing recently and was completely amazed at the number of free things that are available. I'm not talking about a simple handful of freebies, but literally hundreds. Free food, free clothes, free concert and sporting event tickets, free travel, free samples, free education opportunities, etc.

Is it available anywhere in the World?
Yes, this is a worldwide work at home affiliate opportunity that has companies from all over the world that give away free stuff as a means of marketing.

Why is That Free Thing so innovative?
Have you heard of Groupon? They just launched about 2 years ago and already have over 43,000,000 members and they sell discounts. Groupon provides a great service, but they don't give away "Free Stuff" they are simply selling "Discounted Stuff."

Who are the Founders of That Free Thing?
Seth Fraser is Co-Founder. Over the past 6 years he has been called the "Freebie King" for finding and negotiating free products and services all over the world. He wrote the book on how to get free stuff. Literally! As the author of "The Legal Thief", written in 2006, he was able to reveal little-known secrets about how to get free cars, motorcycles, jacuzzi tubs, concert tickets, food, clothes, drinks, flights, hotels, entertainment... Free EVERYTHING! Members get a free copy of "The Legal Thief".

Co-Founder Matt Goettsche has been involved in online Network Marketing full time for that past 10 years. He has experience on the corporate side as an MLM owner and on the distributor side working with many MLM companies and affiliate programs. I believe That Free Thing has unlimited potential. They are open in every country around the world and as they continue to expand the worldwide membership base the value they will offer to members should be nothing less than incredible!

Click Here to try it out for free and get your first 5 freebies immediately!

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