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Work at Home Testimonials

" I have only been with SFI for a short while. I have achieved PTL and have another PTL in my personal downline. My checks will be hitting over $1,500 per month soon. Thank you, SFI."
Haywood DeJarnette

" The new SFI Commission Plan just gets better and better. It truly rewards people who wish to build a large network marketing organization, as well as those who wish to FOCUS on retailing--well-balanced and ingenious!! Thanks to Gery Carson and all the fine folks at SFI for designing a wonderful business model. There is NO other business on the Internet that can literally be built with NO investment--you can do that with SFI!! I am convinced that we all have made the right decision to be a part of this--time to get busy!!!! "
Ian Bennett

" I\'ve been with SFI for about four years and am a Group Leader. I feel that SFI\'s new compensation plan is the BEST SFI has ever created! I believe it will actually make it POSSIBLE for any Powerline Team Leader who does the work to achieve Group Leader (GL) status. Last year, under the old plan, less than 50 people ever made it to the ranks of GL. This year, I expect to see those ranks swell. What\'s more, I saw a BIG jump in my check this month simply because I got a share of the new GL Pool. But even without that share, my check would have been higher than under the old plan simply because PTL\'s are now being paid so much more than in the past. This new plan was created to put the money into the pockets of those doing all the work--PTL\'s and above. Even better, becoming a PTL is really pretty easy. Just sponsor three people and get them MIQ. Most people can do that in two weeks if they are really serious about this business. Most of us already know three people who would agree to work a business with us. I\'m delighted with SFI\'s new compensation plan, and I believe that anyone who works this program seriously is going to see some SERIOUS commissions coming their way!"
Linda J Bruton

" A rolling stone may gather no moss, but SFI MIQ Affiliates definitely gather money!"
Harold Sink

" This opportunity is awesome! With a little work, and great support from my upline and the company, I will able to accomplish my financial goals before I know it. Thanks SFI!"
Chip Heaton

free home business enrollment

" I have been involved with many networking opportunities in the hopes of creating a residual income and becoming financially secure--all with not much success. But since becoming involved with SFI, I've received my first commission check, even though I've had time constraints on my home business. SFI has truly created a system with potential. My suggestion to anyone who has any doubts is to sign on and participate. You will be pleasantly surprised, just as I was. I am now totally committing my energies to the SFI opportunities and am truly excited about the potential for success with this business. " Steven H. Croson IL, UNITED STATES

" SFI is the REAL DEAL! I am so excited to be a part of such a wealth-building company!!" Donald McDevitt NC, UNITED STATES

" If you are truly looking for financial freedom, SFI is truely way to go." George S. Brunson MD, UNITED STATES

" SFI is one WONDERFUL PROGRAM, true to words, without mailing anything, without faxing anything, without calling anyone. What a powerful, free, and easy system. Anyone can work it and will benefit from it. I signed up last month and I have just received my first cheque. Woooooooooow!!!!!!!!! Thanks, SFI!!!" James T-Hamo NEW ZEALAND

" I love this program! I've gotten two commission checks and am now expecting my third after only three months in SFI!" Shauna Ratapu WA, UNITED STATES

" I thank the day I came across SFI. I only wish I was introduced to it sooner. The monthly check I am now getting from SFI, after three months of serious effort, pays for the electricity, gas, and telephone. Had I joined a little earlier, it would have also paid for the rent! Thanks to you Gery Carson and to your wonderful team." Ezeldin Khalafallah SUDAN

" Realizing the need for additional income, I started to investigate the world of network marketing. I'm so glad I found SFI!! Finally, here is a system that really does remove the barriers to financial success! Great products, great support, and a proven system. What more can anyone ask for???" Tom Roman MN, UNITED STATES

" SFI has helped me make more money on the Internet than I ever thought possible. Thanks alot guys and gals!" Justin Johnson WI, UNITED STATES

" SFI is AWESOME! I have six MIQ affiliates in my Powerline already, and I'm just getting started. " Pat Coe FL, UNITED STATES

" SFI is the greatest program I have ever been involved with. The oppportunity for someone to start a business with very little and move up to a good income is rare. SFI has provided this opportunity, and I am so gratefull that I came across it. Thank you, SFI, for making it possible for the average person to reach their goals and achieve success. " Paul E. Watson CA, UNITED STATES

" With minimal effort on my part--going through the Smart Start training, becoming an MIQ affiliate, and buying Eagle Co-op units--to build my business, I`m already making enough money with SFI to break even. And I just became a Powerline Team Leader, which means that my earnings are increasing everyday. You can not lose with SFI. If I`m making money with this program, then you surely can." Antonio M. Prado NETHERLANDS

" I have been with SFI for seven weeks and this morning, I received my first commission of $87. I was really thrilled as, like many other entrepreneurs, I have been involved with other, so-called ethical networking businesses that promise everything but deliver little or nothing. I think that SFI with its awesome compensation plan is set to be the #1 network marketing Internet business in the world. I am now working SFI full time and look forward to a very secure future." Thomas Davies UNITED KINGDOM

" I have been an affiliate with SFI for over a year now, and I have only one thing to say: SFI has made me more money using its program than I have made working for someone else. The program works, if you know how." Lenard Simmons NY, UNITED STATES

" With their own system and the continued improvements made at SFI, my minimal efforts have, over the last 14 months, provided a nice secondary income. When and if I can devote more time and re-invest my commissions into the business, I know I could probably make a tidy primary income...I have more than recovered all the money from other failed efforts and scams that are out there with SFI and appreciate this opportunity. " Lawrence Fury ID, UNITED STATES

" A year and a half ago I was totally broke after a business failure. I was miserable had major problems with wife and life was a total disgrace. One day I received an email from an Internet friend he opened my eyes and introduced me to SFI. What an incredible 18 months its been... now I am a Six-Figure Income earner. I am a Group Leader in SFI and not only have I been introduced to an amazing concept but also to the marketing ideas that have changed my life and that of my family. Life is a Party now... Thanks SFI !!! " Jesus Mejias FL, UNITED STATES

" SFI's new compensation plan rewards the affiliates who stick with the program. In fact, it's the most powerful incentive program I have ever seen, one in which the ultimate purpose is to create a vehicle where everyone can ultimately profit substantially...It may well be the most powerful sales vehicle ever created." George Little FL, UNITED STATES

" Since I've joined SFI, things are really getting rolling. With the addition of new products and services, it makes it easier than ever to create more income potential that ever before, and I think that's awesome and hope the company keeps up the great work. " Anthony Dorsett MN, UNITED STATES

" I have been in several network marketing companies where I had to spend at least $300 in order to receive a $6 check. For me, SFI is the best business opportunity on the world--one that gives the chance to all those who are living in a less fortunate country to make a better living and be able to earn residual and leverage income in U.S. currency. My personal goal is to make it to the top and be able to earn the kind of income that will help me realize my dream to make a difference in this world and to help those in need. I know in my heart that I will persue my dream until I reach my goal. Thank you, Gery Carson, for making this possible for all of us." Anna Colceriu BC, CANADA

" I just got started with this business and the response has been outstanding. I think I have finally found the business that will work for me." James G. Davis NV, UNITED STATES

" I just left my full-time job as a software tester to devote myself full-time to this opportunity. The biggest rewards come from building true financial freedom for myself and helping others achieve the same." Gentry Smith OR, UNITED STATES

free home business enrollment

" I've been involved in many opportunites over the years. Never have I seen a system where you can sponsor people and have the retention rate so high. I'm looking forward to working with you!" Bob Spare IN, UNITED STATES

" For anyone serious enough to want to really make money on the internet, I implore you to do join SFI now!" Gerald A. Cooke CA, UNITED STATES

" I have been in SFI for two months now and am now starting to get commission checks. I have tried many other home-based programs before, but none of them worked. Thanks to SFI, I feel like I am going to make my hopes and dreams come true. This program realy works. Thank you so much, SFI. I am proud to be a part of your company." Elanda Koehn OK, UNITED STATES

" I'm new to SFI, and I have already received my first commission check. I was amazed at the amount you can receive if you work hard. I've seen a lot of quick-rich schemes out there. SFI is in a class by itself. I'll be with them for years to come." Nina A. Sheppard NY, UNITED STATES

" I have been looking for an online wealth-building opportunity for three years, and I finally found it. Thank you SFI. " Mark Pappas NJ, UNITED STATES

" I have found something at last that has and is proving itself organizationally and materially. I could hardly believe the advance SFI commission checks being sent to me after only the first few weeks [after joining the program]. The sky is the limit." Byron Trask AZ, UNITED STATES

" SFI's Internet-driven system works; no question about it. I look forward to growing with this company and to achieving financial freedom." Sidney F. Thomas KY, UNITED STATES

" I have owned a business for the past 20 years, along with all the headaches that go along with a storefront business. When I saw the opportunity that SFI offered, I checked it out and was pleasantly surprised to find a legitimate chance to work hard and make money right at home. No schedule to keep; no dressy clothes to buy. I just sit at my computer and work when I want." Betty Melton IN, UNITED STATES

" Everything I have seen [about SFI] has gotten me very excited. I am now on my way to becoming financially independent !!!!!!! Thank you!!!" Michelle M. O'Hara NJ, UNITED STATES

" Yesterday...I got a check in the mail from SFI. It was the first check I received from anybody, and I belong to three other [affiliate programs]. My hat is off to you, SFI, for making this opportunity available to me. Again, thank you!!" Timothy Nevel PA, UNITED STATES

" I am only 22 years of age. If I can create financial independence through SFI's great system, so can you! Just do it!" Mark Fox CA, UNITED STATES

" I'm a rookie in SFI, but I've already received a check for almost no action at all. I am absolutely convinced that I will succeed in this program." Russ Reed

" For the best in helping you achieve financial independence, nothing can beat SFI." Sgt. Eugene H. Russell SC, UNITED STATES

" Don't be fooled with other online "money-makers." SFI really works!! " Steve Sharp OH, UNITED STATES

" Wow, was my wife surprised when we got a check from SFI! She has patiently watched while I tried other "dead-end" network-marketing opportunities, but the speed with which SFI pays off is hard to believe. Keep it comin', and thanks for a REAL opportunity." Bill Henderson TX, UNITED STATES

" SFI is a great business opportunity for anyone interested in earning an extra income or replacing one they already have using the Internet. And, as in my case in New Zealand, the exchange rate is an added bonus, as U.S. dollars nearly double. Apart from that, you also get the opportunity to help others become financially free. Enjoy your success with SFI!" Theo Olifiers NEW ZEALAND

" I have been in several network marketing organizations over the past year. SFI is the first that has yielded results. I got my first check last month. I am excited. I see the potential and a real opportunity to "lose" my job and get on the road to financial freedom!!!" Paula M. Allen AK, UNITED STATES

" Greetings! I have joined many organizations to get my Internet marketing business off the ground. But, only with SFI do I have a Powerline, and only with SFI, have I received checks. What more needs to be said? SFI works!" Virginia Bahls MN, UNITED STATES

" SFI is a great opportunity to make $$, become financially independent, or to earn extra income on a part time basis!" Ruth Triumpho NY, UNITED STATES

" This month, I received the first real check I have gotten from any marketing venture, and I have only been with SFI for only six weeks or so. I am expecting great things. Thanks!" Gloria Flynn IL, UNITED STATES

" Of all the Internet Businesses I am involved with, SFI is the only one that has ever given me any hope of ever making any money via the Internet. I HIGHLY recommend it. When you come across SFI, grab hold of it with both hands and never let go. It does what it says it will do. " Devron White UNITED KINGDOM

" After joining SFI, I realized that this is it--the business opportunity that I have been seeking all of my life. Yes, I too thought that it was too good to be true, but after seeing my first few commission checks, I can finally see a future of freedom and prosperity that I would never see from a job!" Nathan Lewis VA, UNITED STATES

" SFI is a great opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. It works if you are ready to invest some of your time and effort to make it happen. The checks are real and are paid each month. SFI can make your dreams come true!" Fernando Soave BELGIUM

" I just wanted to say SFI is the best business YOU can ever get into. There is No better business out there anywhere. I made more money in one month than I ever did in a few of the other network-marketing companies." Richard Burger FL, UNITED STATES

" I am a single mom of five wonderful children, and thanks to SFI, I'm going to be able to take care of them financially." Lisa Walstad MN, UNITED STATES

" After researching a large percentage of online home businesses, I have found that SFI is the only one that will help me achieve my dream of financial success! The honesty of all the people involved with SFI is beyond compare. Joining SFI will allow you to achieve all of your dreams of financial success!" Michelle J. Zamarron TX, UNITED STATES

free home business enrollment

" SFI is my lifeline to financial independence!" Jim White FL, UNITED STATES

" I have never had this much fun making money. I wish I found SFI years ago. " Chris McKain TN, UNITED STATES

" I joined SFI in early June and became MIQ right away. With a lot of help from my Team Leader I became a Powerline Team Leader myself within six weeks. I received my first check today and I'm ready to fly, as I have 14 Affiliates in my Powerline already. Way to go, SFI." Ruth Robbins TX, UNITED STATES

" SFI is the greatest thing that has happened to me in a long time. I have researched home businesses for many years, and this was the first one in which I ever received a check from the first month I started. I have reached some of my goals and plan on RETIRING FROM MY OTHER JOB SOON. Thank you, SFI, for a great way to spend more time with my family and friends. " Barbara S Otte WV, UNITED STATES

" I think SFI is truly wonderful, so long as you are prepared to work at it and allow time for your income to grow!! I am doing well and am very happy. I am in love with SFI!!! I wanted a legitimate home business that would pay me in proportion to the work I put forth. SFI HAS DONE THAT! SFI has the 7 qualities of the ideal business: HIGH PROFIT – 16 Income streams residual income, PORTABLE - You can operate from anywhere in the world and sell in any country you choose, LOW OVERHEAD - No need for an office. Or a single employee. You can start part time. You can operate from home, a boat, or luxury motor home if this is your style. LITTLE CAPITAL REQUIRED - You can start very small and increase your business as cash flow permits. NO INVENTORY is required. PRODUCTS can be personal to you - You may choose to market only items in which you have a great interest and passion. TAX BENEFITS - qualified for oodles of tax-easing deductions – thousands of dollars worth in fact. And with FCS you can greatly increase your capacity for success, wealth, and happiness. If you're committed to creating an incredible life, SFI is for you! " Sonia Taylor AUSTRALIA

" Got my first check!!!!!!!!! SFI is a definite winner! Thank you, SFI ;-)" Shakura Ames-Davis DE, UNITED STATES

" Around the end of April, I received notice from my employer that, due to cut backs, I would be out of a job. I quickly began searching the online job boards and databases when I came across a posting entitled "Start Your Own Home-Based Business." Having seen several ads with the same claims, I almost passed it over. However, just for fun, I continued to read the listing. It kept referring to the word FREE, so for grins I thought I’d check it out. Well, that was only three months ago, and I now have my own business that started making money just two weeks after teaming up with SFI. My income continues to grow with every day that passes, and I’m confident that by the end of the year, I’ll be seeing monthly checks with three figures, if not more. I’m amazed how well the SFI program works, and I’m very glad I took the time to check it out." Raymond Weisler MI, UNITED STATES

" For over 10 years, I have been in and out of network marketing companies…some were good, some were downright foolish. One day I received a letter inviting me to join SFI. It was free to join, so I did so. Just three months ago, I checked to see if I've earned any commissions. What a surprise it was to learn that I did. This has never happened to me before in all these years. I just thank God for leading me to SFI." Orville Daniels CT, UNITED STATES

free home business enrollment

" Being a songwriter, I always thought I would make my first million with a hit. Now I realize that hit is with SFI." Ricky Blue MN, UNITED STATES

" For anyone who has doubts about SFI, just ask me. I'll tell you this company is the best. I got my first check a few days ago, and I was so excited to see that there are legimate companies out there after all...Always remember that "anything worth having, is worth waiting for." If you give your SFI business time, good things will come to you." Arkadina Taylor TX, UNITED STATES

" I have been in network marketing for about two years and have now built up a portfolio of over 40 programs and affiliate programs...and the ONLY program I am receiving checks from is SFI. That's an incentive to join if ever there was!!!" William James Duguid 0, UNITED KINGDOM

" Thank you for giving me the opportunity to earn residual income, based on my efforts. I had been searching for a legitimate home business I could do from my computer and found yours. What a godsend. I look forward to seeing what fruits my efforts will bear in five years." Michael T. Armstrong OR, UNITED STATES

" [SFI] is always looking out for us and making it better...I have built the biggest organization I have ever built in this industry and the potential for something bigger and greater commission is there for me to take advantage of. I hope that others will see the same opportunity I see with SFI. " Kelvin Shaw FL, UNITED STATES

" I joined SFI in July of 2000 and upgraded to MIQ immediately. I read all the material at the SFI Websites and visited the discussion board regularly. Due to my financial situation at the time, I couldn't afford to do any paid advertising. So I relied completely on free advertising on the Internet and I did some offline advertising as well. Now, nearly two years later, I'm earning enough with SFI to advertise at pay-per-click search engines. I am also able to make my monthly truck payment and the insurance with the money I'm earning with SFI! This is one truly awesome business opportunity! Thank You Gery for allowing me the opportunity to own my own Internet business!" Mike Harmon FL, UNITED STATES

" Just wanted to say how excited I am about this wonderful and powerful business. Once I saw and understood the vision, I jumped into the Eagle Co-op, and within two months, I became PTL qualified! I love this business, and I know it will help me achieve my financial goals within a two-year time period. This is awesome. Thank you SFI!" Mike Gurr AZ, UNITED STATES

" I was among the first 200,000 SFI affiliates, nearly two years ago. As a matter of fact, I was my PTL's first sign up! But I put SFI on the back burner, and rarely promoted it. What a mistake! My PTL now has over 2,400 affiliates, and earns a nice income through her efforts! But it's never too late...I signed up for Eagle Co-op and have 50 personal referrals already. Better late than never!" Mike Merz NJ, UNITED STATES

" I would like to express to the readers of this testimonial how important it is to listen to your Powerline Team Leaders and Powerline Group Leaders. I started in SFI over a year ago. I sat and watched how my Parent Powerline would grow by leaps and bounds, day in and day out. Still I "watched". I made little to no effort to move forward with my own SFI business, whether it was from disbelief or the fact that I had been in many multi level marketing opportunities with no success. I received letter after letter from my Team Leader and Group Leader and still I watched. During this period of watching, I happened into a conversation with an individual with whom was extremely interested in the processes of how SFI worked. I explained to him, in extreme briefness, how new I was and that the system was great. I then directed him to my SFI site, as I had remembered from reading a letter from my PTL that this was the thing to do. A few more months passed, maybe six to eight, and I decided to take another look at my SFI site. WOW, I said to myself and then to my wife. Look at what David has done in SFI and look at how large the Powerline is now. David was the individual with whom I directed to my site. Ladies and Gentlemen, I started back with SFI with a commitment to myself that I would give 100% and would not QUIT this time around. I started in August of this year and became a Powerline Team Leader. It is now the middle to end of the month of October and I presently have 181 affiliates in my personal Powerline. I've listened to my PTL and my Group Leader. I understand that if I DUPLICATE what they have done, I will have the same success as they have had. I want that success, that freedom and the luxuries of love and life they are able to have with financial freedom. My Powerline Team Leader's largest monthly check exceeds $15,000. I am duplicating his efforts. Look to see me in the SFI Newsletter; I will be there, be it a year from now or two years from now. Regardless, keep your eyes open for me. By the way, I'm a construction project manager and couldn't sell a dime for nickel if I tried. SFI is so easy if you listen to those that are working the system. Have a prosperous year." David Beattie 0, UNITED KINGDOM

" I am 21 years old, and I've been looking for an opportunity for about three years now, spending money on many programs that didn't work. Then, I found...SFI. I just received my first check after working with SFI for only one month. It brought so much joy to my life to have finally found a real opportunity that actually pays me real money. Who would have thought my first Home Business CHECK would come from a free website?...It's a pleasure for me to share SFI with others because I can go to sleep with a clear conscience at night, knowing I'm telling people the truth. " Lunise Cherenfant NY, UNITED STATES

" I have been with SFI for several years now, and the growth has been truly exciting. I put in a good year working the business, and the residual income makes my car payment...That's the cool thing about this business: Do the work, and the residual income continues to pour in! If I can do it, you can too! " Michael Mason NC, UNITED STATES

free home business enrollment

" I joined SFI on Valentines Day 2000, because I needed a turn around in my finances. I watched SFI evolved and invested a little at a time to grow my business. As of January 2002, with SFI's enhancements, my commission check is increasing at a rate that will give me FOUR FIGURES in MAY 2002. I am so excited! SFI works even in the Caribbean." Rev. Lindsay K. Richardson ANGUILLA

" SFI is a great program! I got checks already within a few months, and now I am building quite the stable residual income. In combination with some other marketing efforts to promote SFI I think SFI has the potential to become the worlds biggest and most beneficial company I ever encountered! " Tjako van Schie NETHERLANDS

" I started with SFI a few months ago, and I am already a Powerline Team Leader. My downline grows at a steady rate, and I can see that I will be able to retire, if I choose, within a few years." Dr. Ragnar Atkinson WA, UNITED STATES

" I'd like for all of you first-timers to know that SFI is a excellent oppritunity to make EXTRA MONEY, and you will see that the FUTURE will get much brighter. Totally awesome." James Simpson BC, CANADA

" I joined SFI on October 29, 2001. I already have 72 affiliates in my Powerline. In just one day, I had 14 join! I can see the snowball effect getting bigger. The first week, I became MIQ and have already earned commissions from other Powerline affiliate sales. Being very new to Internet marketing, I can see the benefits in belonging to a professional group such as SFI. " Colin Croucher AUSTRALIA

" Thank you SFI for providing me a means to supplement my retirement pay. I retire from the US Army in December, 2004. I've been working SFI strictly part time, but I've built up my income to over $3000 per month in less than a year. My goal is to bring in over $10,000 per month by the time I retire because quite frankly, I don't ever want to work for anyone, ever again. I know there are people in SFI already clearing $10,000/mo and over time, as long as I keep doing what I'm doing, and signing up great people under me who have the same vision, that will happen for me too. " Kevin L. Petty CA, UNITED STATES

" I never thought this could happen in my life. Wow! SFI is the easiest, most reliable way to earn money. One should try it in order to believe it." Selvarajh Natarajan INDIA

" I cannot believe how easy all this is. In just a little while, I will be the one who is earning the big cash, not my boss. Thank you SFI. You're making my dream a reality. " William R. O'Hara PA, UNITED STATES

" SFI is one of the best programs I have seen so far on the Internet. I am sure it will definitely make many more millionaires in the years to come." Jasvinder S Virk INDIA

" Thanks, SFI, for the great opportunity to find wealth at my fingertips." Brenda Cashman IN, UNITED STATES

" I just created a new Powerline and will be on my way to creating another by the end of this week! Thanks for all the help, SFI." Kao Saephan CA, UNITED STATES

" I can't believe how fast my SFI business is growing! This really is a great way to build a business. THANKS!!!!" Rodney Penn MA, UNITED STATES

" SFI is a REAL shot at an online income--no guff, no hype, just a straight, honest business. " Lyn Barnett SOUTH AFRICA

" I would recommend this program to anyone who would like to earn extra income. Thank you, SFI." Shawn Jorgenson FL, UNITED STATES

" I will not stand by and watch the SFI opportunity machine pass me by...This train is moving, and I'm jumping on board!" Steve Crothers IL, UNITED STATES

" With SFI, I now have an opportunity to create true wealth." Kenneth O. Jackson FL, UNITED STATES

" I am so glad that I found SFI. Now, I can be on my way to financial freedom!!!!!!!" Laurene Miller IL, UNITED STATES

" SFI provides a fresh and exciting prospect for supplemental-income seekers." Marius Ghitescu NY, UNITED STATES

" You cannot go wrong with the SFI program. Do not delay in your decision of accepting it as your full-time income. While you may not become rich overnight, You WILL become independent." Tammy L . Mandalke IL, UNITED STATES

" SFI is a great, easy way to make extra money. I already have many affiliates to sign up. It works. " Rodney Beard AR, UNITED STATES

" SFI offers the perfect opportunity for a disabled veteran, like myself, to add to my monthly income. I think that this is the best system that I have found to produce an income that will be both growing steadily. I am looking forward to building Powerlines and building residual income with SFI." Glenn Simmons TN, UNITED STATES

" I think SFI is a fabulous way to earn residual income. It is also wonderful to be able to work from my home at my convenience." Lisa Bays CA, UNITED STATES

" SFI makes your first-time business experience extremely user-friendly. The company gives you the training you need to succeed in your business and the commissions to succeed financially in reaching your dreams. " Kipp Van Deest IA, UNITED STATES

" I have been involved in several Internet network-marketing systems over the past five years. However, I have never been involved with one like SFI...If you follow the system and let the system work for you, all you have to do is increase your own involvement to "Grow Your Own Paycheck"...! Thank you, SFI!" Dick Jacobs AL, UNITED STATES

" This is the greatest, simplest, and one of the most powerful network-marketing ideas I've witnessed. The prospects just keep on coming." Armidee Mack NC, UNITED STATES

" SFI never [fails] to amaze me. Designing the compensation plan to perfection is their only goal. They want us to make money and are giving us no other option but to become wealthy." Damian Jaundoo FL, UNITED STATES

" I have been an SFI affiliate for three months and have alreay made PTL! I have a total of 32 people in my Powerline and five are already MIQ! I love this kind of marketing." Brian Pilrain MN, UNITED STATES

" Holy smoke! I got my first check today [from SFI]...I am grateful to have a business like SFI. Thank you." Will Choi BC, CANADA

" I can't believe I have started to earn commissions after only fewer than three weeks [in SFI]. I have finally found a program that truly works...I have spent thousands in the last two years on advertising, resulting in only four sales. But [with SFI], the potential is astounding!" Eileen Leroux NY, UNITED STATES

" I read a testimonial from someone about Amway. Well I also was in Amway for 7 Years and believe it or not I made more money in SFI my first month back in 07/99 than I ever did in Amway period. I also spent over 300+ a month in Amway to get a check. If you are working SFI in no time at all you can make it free and your income keeps growing. I am also a Powerline Team Leader now and will be a Group Leader in the near future I have faith in that. If I can do it anybody in this world can do it also trust me. Just listen to what your Team Leader's, Group Leader's, and Executive Group Leaders say and you also will make it happen." Richard Burger FL, UNITED STATES

" SFI started paying the first month and continues to pay more every month, just for getting people to look at Websites. They supply all the Websites, services, training, and promotion tools. SFI is a class act; we`re over 5 million affiliates strong worldwide right now, and still growing! I know I'm a winner with SFI." Steven Dickson OK, UNITED STATES

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