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Successful Home Based Business

Successful Home Based Business

Successful Home Based Business

Stop working for someone else and start working for yourself with this successful home based business opportunity. A truly unique opportunity for you to get out of the rat race and into financial success.

Wouldn't you like to give up: The Commute, Your Boss, Your Coworkers and Time at the Office? Are you ready to improve your life and health now? If yes, than this is the home based business that WILL bring you real financial success!

Do you have the freedom be healthy? DO you have the freedom to decide how you are spend your day? If you're like most, you have to answer to a boss. And still not making any money. This isn't freedom. Imagine being debt free, taking vactions when you want, and having money for what you want...and being free of the 9-5 job!

This successful home based business here will help set you free! Be a part of premier company experiencing explosive growth.

This is not a job offer, but a real home based business opportunity where you can make as little or as much money as you want!

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A successful home based business is hard to come by, but we feel that USANA will give the perfect chance to succeed working at home.

Building a successful home based business

When it comes to starting a business, millions of would-be entrepreneurs are finding that there's no place like home, and are converting dens, bedrooms, basements and attics into offices. According to IDC/LINK, a New York-based market research firm, there are 20 million home based businesses nationwide in areas ranging from computer consulting, network marketing, and cleaning to medical billing and meeting planning. Growing at an annual rate of 7%-8%, the number of home based businesses is expected to reach 27.8 million by the year 2001. There are few statistics to show the number of African Americans working at home. However, according to a recent study by Fidelity Investments, the nation's largest mutual fund company and one of the leading providers of financial services, 37% of all home based businesses are operated by women. As for income, in 1996, 56% of all home based businesses earned net revenues of less than $50,000, 24% earned $50,000-$99,000, and 20% made more than $100,000.

Self-employment expert Paul Edwards says there are many reasons for choosing to work at home. "A certain proportion, particularly men, work at home because there are tremendous cost savings," says Edwards, who has co-authored several self-employment books, including Working From Home and The Best Home Businesses for the '90s. "For another large segment, it's the idea of having more control over your life and being able to spend more time with your family." For the person looking to balance career and family, a work-at-home environment can create the best of both worlds.

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