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By Kevin Hass - SFI Independent Team Leader
Intended for SFI members.
If you are not a member, enroll Free HERE

Go to: www.sfimg.com.   Login and click the "Training" link.    It provides a very thorough description of how SFI works.


Review the SFI T-Net Compensation Plan.   Please read it several times until you completely understand it so that you can explain it to your members when they join.


If you understand the SFI compensation plan, then you know why you need to become an EA.  Simply put, you will earn commissions from other EAs that join after you in the matrix...even if you don't personally refer them!   To become EA, you simply need to generate at least 10 Sales Volume Points (SVP) each month.   The most economical way to become EA is to become a member of the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs (IAHBE) .   Why is IAHBE the best choice?
  • 10 SVP is awarded immediately (you'll be EA in five minutes)
  • It comes with over $800 in valuable FREE bonuses...including FREE leads!
  • The IAHBE's entire mission is to help you create a highly profitable home business Click Here to Learn More
THIS IS CRITICAL!..become an Executive Affiliate (EA) to lock in your position into SFI's Team Network. As a member of SFI's Team Network, you can earn 6% of the total CV (Commission Volume) on each new affiliate who joins our team after you... every month…even if you don't refer them yourself! To qualify for these commissions, you simply need to become an Executive Affiliate within the first 30 days of joining. Becoming an Executive Affiliate (EA) is easy. Plus, you are GUARANTEED a commission check your first month! Complete details at: http://www.sfimg.com/EA/

"I recruit over 20 affiliates per day….and you can earn commissions from them for years to come after you become EA. 20 affiliates per day = 600 affiliates per month….I think you can see the income potential!"

When you join SFI, you are provided with about 15 different affiliate web site URLs (Gateways) that include your affiliate ID for tracking your commissions and referrals.   You can make money online every time someone visits your affiliate URL and purchase a product or joins the business opportunity.  

The challenge is getting people to visit your website! THE TOP SEARCH ENGINES WON'T LIST AFFILIATE SITES! So you need to get your own web site where your affiliate links will be embedded.  

Here's how it works: When someone visits your website and clicks your SFI link, they will have the opportunity to purchase a product or join the business.   Just for providing the link from your site, you will earn a generous commission every time a sale is made.  

I spent endless hours developing a strategy to help my affiliates get their own web site CHEAP and without having web design knowledge...and more importantly - EARN MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME.  

So I developed a tool where I can build you a site for FREE! All you have to do is get a domain name and web hosting (very simple, I can show you how to do this in 5 minutes).   And you will be able to refer this site to your affiliates...and so on and so on.  

Why would I do this for FREE?   I discovered that making money online is all about duplication.   The only way I can make money is by helping YOU make money online.   I succeed only when YOU make money! I call this tool the "Wealth Online Website" WOW.  GET IT HERE NOW!   It will definitely provide you with the best opportunity to SUCCEED ONLINE!
When you complete your registration for the "Wealth Online Website", come back to start your marketing.
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5. PROMOTE YOUR "Wealth Online Website"

Get your site seen on the most popular search engine..Google...almost immediately.
Google Adwords is definitely the most powerful pay per click resource, but can also be very tricky. Click here to get the skinny on how to succeed with Google Adwords.

Here is Google's very own Learning Center, complete with 8 sections and 95 complete expert & fun Video Lessons ranging from just 2 to 15 min each.

If you are new to PPC search engines or would just like a great lesson in making google ads that sell like Crazy, try reading this fabulous E-Book: GOOGLECASH .

Here are just some of the best keywords I have had great success with.


work at home business
home based business
make money online
work from home business
home businesses
home business opportunities
business opportunities
work at home jobs
at home jobs
working from home
jobs from home
jobs online
Make Money

For a list of more keywords click here.

If you are not advertising on misspellings (typos), you are missing out! Take the time to add the mispellings of every keyword and combination. Simply go through and advertise on misspelled words and typos!

example: work at home = workathome = work athome = wrk at home = work at hom

Get the idea? Good. Now go get ADWORD ANALYZER. If it makes you just 50$ extra a day, it pays for itself over and over again! This is a great product that I personally use.   I was able to put in several keyword phrases I'm going to be working with and find non-competitive search terms for them in just a few minutes (hundreds of successful keywords).   It definitely increased the results of all my PPC campaigns.

If you are not using at least 5 search engines to get cheap traffic you are losing money! IT'S FREE MONEY! Don't be lazy!!!

Signup and get a $25 FREE pay-per-click credit!

People get so stuck on one search engine it really leaves opportunities to those with a little patience.


1. Yahoo! Search Marketing lists your business on top sites like Yahoo!, MSN and AltaVista. Sign up and get a $25 credit.
2. 7Search (easy Money!!!)

You'll also want to manually submit your web site to the search engines listed HERE.

Traffic Blazer is an excellent tool that will help you get your share of business, increase your online visibility, and make money on the Internet! NO technical expertise is necessary.   If you can type and click you can use Traffic Blazer! Traffic Blazer makes it easy to prepare, analyze, optimize and submit your Web pages to key search engines and directories.


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Approximately 55% of my online income is generated through SAFE-SPAM-FREE email marketing.   It's a known fact that most people don't join or purchase a product from just one contact.   Following up with your leads is probably the most important aspect of running your business.   Email autoresponders make this task simple and effective.

It works like this:
1.   Obtain an email autoresponder account HERE.   This is the most powerful autoresponse program on the Internet!

2.   Set up a series of follow-up emails written to inspire prospects to join your business opportunity (I have sample email series prewritten for you when you are ready).

3.   Import names and email addresses of people interested in getting information on home based businesses to your autoresponder account.   You can obtain an unlimited number of leads and prospects through your autoresponder account...or I recommend the following lead source:

4.   These prospects will then receive a series of emails from you providing them with information about your home business opportunity inspiring them to act. Below are prewritten sample email letters you may use:
- Click Here for sample email letters to send to prospects.
- Click Here for sample email letters to send to your SFI affiliates.

One of the main reasons many people "give up" on an Internet business is because they fail to follow-up.   Incorporate the above into your home business arsenal...you'll be thankful when the money starts rolling in!
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Would you like
to receive a
seven-lesson email course
that will power up
your email marketing
and profits?
Learn more or sign up NOW
Your Name:
Your E-Mail:

Remember, your privacy is safe!


When you start submitting to search engines, classifieds ads, ezines, etc.,  use SFIs marketing resources (banners and text ads) located at http://www.sfimg.com/ .
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It only makes sense to buy from your OWN business rather than competitors.   You probably already purchase these products anyway, so why not buy from your own SFI store? Go to your Affiliate Store at http://www.sfimg.com  to view and/or purchase the products and services you may already be buying... and maybe find some new items at a better price.   More are added every day so check back often.

  • Who's your long distance service? Why not purchase the long distance service that SFI provides and earn commissions on your own long distance calls?
  • Who's your Internet Service Provider? Why not sign up for SFI's Dial-Up service and earn commissions and sales volume points from yourself?
  • Do you have any magazine subscriptions? <


    Duplication will result in success.   Your "Wealth Online Website" is set up for you to duplicate what has proven to work.   RECOMMEND IT TO YOUR AFFILIATES! When you refer a new affiliate to SFI, you will receive an email notification from SFI with the new affiliates email address.   EMAIL THESE AFFILIATES, welcoming them to SFI.   Then suggest this plan so they can get started immediately.   Simply send them to http://www.work-at-home-business.com/sfi.html.

    TIP:  As you become more experienced with SFI, you can develop your own plan and provide tips and resources that have worked for you.
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    Your goal is to make money working from the comfort of your home, so here are a few things to keep in mind that may help you stay focused, enthusiastic, and motivated.   There are no "easy get rich quick" opportunities.   Any business that claims this is lying.   SFI has the tools, experience, and longjevity that will result in a financial secure future for anybody that wants it...but it takes time, effort, a minimal investment, and above all....PATIENCE AND PERSISTENCE!

    This type of business was not taught in school.   I learned it the hard way...thousands of hours of trial and error trying out hundreds of "so-called" money-making opportunities.   Fortunately, you have joined SFI under a Team Leader that is experienced and extremely determined to make a "Six Figure Income".   With this in mind, I will provide my affiliates with every detail and secret that has proven successful for me.   I WANT TO BE YOUR MENTOR! If you have the same desires, please follow the above plan exactly as stated, email me if you get stuck, and support your referrals as I hope I am supporting you.

    To YOUR Success!!
    Kevin Hass
    SFI Team Leader 1650241

© Copyright. Independent SFI Team Leader - Kevin Hass - ID 1650241 Work at Home. All rights reserved.

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