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Work from your home - Data Entry/Compiler/Typist Ads (Scam 3)

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I'm sure you have seen an ad like this: [ Data Entry/ Typist: We are now accepting applications for our at home data entry/ typists positions. Work is simple and can be done full or part time. Work involves simple typing and clerical work. $250.00-$500.00 per week.]

Here's the scam: As a Name list compiler you will be responsible for typing or writing names and addresses onto "special" data entry forms for which you will be paid approximately .50 per name/address you submit. Theoretically, these addresses will then be complied into a mailing list and sold to advertisers. There is typically a $10.00 to $50.00 "application" fee to apply for these openings. You will enter this information on the provided forms, mail them back, then be asked to pay a fee to see whether or not there are openings. Basically, you have simply filled out mailing labels for the company to send adverts for the same.

The Cold Hard Truth:
There are no reputable bulk mail companies that hire "Name Compilers" or typists. Why? Well, thanks to technology and the Internet, names and addresses are handled electronically with computer database queries, therefore eliminating the need for a typist. Your fee of $10 to $50 will only supply you with instructions on how to spam others with the same ad that you saw. Steer clear of ads that require a fee to become a Date Entry/Typist/Name Compiler. These are not legitimate job opportunities and exist with the sole purpose of taking your money.


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