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Work at home business scams and schemes (Scam 1)

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There are literally thousands of "work at home" "lose weight" signs in most US cities. These signs are crowding garage sale signs, nailed to phone poles and some even painted on buildings. There are tear-off flyers posted everywhere. All of them are different and you don't really know what company they are promoting.

Personally, I always assumed they were schemes because legitimate business opportunities are never posted next to garage sale signs. All these signs were specially coded with phone numbers, email addresses, and copyright icons. So I never figured they were true scams. I always try to stay positive and hoped somebody was making money from this.

I was making great money with online multi-level marketing companies and never thought of investing these street signs. Plus I didn't want my phone number and address made available to street sign companies.

One day as I was driving my daughter to her gymnastics class, I got a little disturbed with all this litter. So I decided I would tear a few of these signs down...I new the city couldn't keep up with it. I soon discovered that this was a hopeless battle as I found these signs on almost every stop light. Plus, I was getting a little embarrased as people were wondering what I was doing.

Then I thought...why not call these phone numbers and see what they had to offer. I mean...somebody has to be making money from this. I called several of the numbers and to my surprise, it was all the same message with a woman's voice. I got so sick of hearing this ladies voice from the numbers that I won't get into the details. Just call ones of them:'ll see.

I called several of these numbers and they all resulted in the same women's voice! I got more disturbed with this and started noticing more of these signs all over my home town of Wylie, Tx. What is really disturbing about this is that Wylie has a population of only 15,000! Since I work at home full time myself, I was curious. I ventured into Dallas (Wylie is a suburb of Dallas)..and I could not believe all the different signs...I must have counted 500!

I had to research this and soon discovered they were all from Herbalife. A secret Fortune 500 company with all this parafenelia all over the Dallas metroplex. I called, emailed, tracked addresses, distributors, etc. and found that 99% of all the street signs and telephone pole flyers were all from herbalife.

Most of the signs and flyers for herbalife are now so evident. They all provide a secret compnay that states you can earn: $800-$5,000/mo part-time, $5,000-$10,000/mo full-time.

I knew that the "lose weight" signs were also a from herbalife and a scam, but I didn't have this negative reaction to "Friday's Garage Sale Signs". You have to get a permit for a garage sale sign in Dallas, and I new these signs were not City permitted...they were illegally posted.

At first, I was comfortable with these signs because they were placed next to garage sale signs and Home Builder signs (I knew these needed permits). And these signs accurately identified an address or phone number.

After further research, I soon discovered that all the toll free numbers and website addresses all led to the same place: herbalife....where you can get rich by getting people to lose 30 lbs. in 30 days! The website addresses all had happy faces next to yauchts on Hawaii beaches. I employ some very good computer whizes and instructed them to find out some details on all the images on the website addresses I found around town. On the sites we investigated, there were many testimonials of people getting rich with herbalife. All the images tracked back to many of the "top dogs" in herbalife. The true picture of a statement that "Only the people that start an MLM company are the ones that get rich".

Our research has determined that the company distributing all this road trash is herbalife. They even have stock traded on NASDAQ. The products they are getting rich from are health, nutrition, and weight loss producs...but primarily promote a home business opportunity through independent distribution. These are the people posting the road signs, flyers, and web sites trying to make the US$800-US$5000 a month.

While I was being discouraged by the unattractive marketing methods, I learned what herbalife promised these distributors. First glance looked kinda good!

All of these signs were promoting the products of one corporation, but they were being posted by regular people trying to start their own business. But I knew that the company driving them to this were the culprits of my anger. I knew this because they were training their affiliates to illegally market the business. by continuously posting trash in my community with cheap promotional signs. I'm an experienced MLMer and I know there are better, safer, and legal ways to market a mulit-level marketing business.

There are city codes against these signs in the Dallas metroplex area, but the Herbalife Corporation can't be held responsible.... but the "independent distributors" can? Unfortunately, herbalife can't be held responsible as they seem to be shielded by a layer of independence and artful camouflage, but if our cities track down the independent distributors, Herbalife will eventually be hurt.

I have been a successful MLM marketer for over 6 years and have never placed a sign or flyer in my city. Herbalife is a business that teaches distributors how to deface their community as well as purchase hundreds of dollars of their product each month to sell. I have never found any herbalife distributor that has succeeded.


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