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Legitimate Online Data Entry Jobs Job Searches

Monster is the world's largest online job board. Thousands of companies headquartered all over the world have accounts with and consistently post open jobs on this site every single day. Having worked in recruiting and HR consulting, I fully recommend this career builder website to anyone looking for a job. Even if you are happy in your current position, it's still a good idea to have your resume on this job board.

The business world is slowly moving towards a paperless system. Computers are far more efficient and new Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) are equipped with easy to search resume and application databases. The old way of doing things--filling out an application and having it stored in a file cabinet--is slowly but surely turning into an old memory.

How to Run Job Searches
Monster allows job seekers to search by key word, company name, location, and job category. You can be as specific as you would like to be. For instance, if you only want to work on a contract basis in Los Angeles, CA, you can enter "contract" in the key word field and "Los Angeles" in the location field. This will pull up all the contract jobs available in the Los Angeles area.

Monster also offers various tips when it comes to running job searches. The site shows job seekers how to effectively use words like "and" and "or" when searching for jobs. The word "and" further limits your job search because it instructs the searching mechanism to find job listings with both words linked by the word "and." The word "or" broadens your job search because it instructs the searching mechanism to look for either word linked by "or." Once you have mastered, you may want to post on other sites as well; in fact, it is recommended that you post to as many as you can, since your odds of finding the job you want increase significantly.

by James Lyons

online resume service

Job Hunting Sites

Job hunting sites have revolutionized the hiring and job search process. The Internet is teeming with hundreds of different job hunting websites for prospective candidates to post their resumes and examine available jobs. These sites also allow recruiters in subscribing companies to search for candidates in their resume databases. Both employees and employers have reaped the benefits of this phenomenon.

A few years ago there were only a few recommended job hunting web sites for both employees and recruiters. As the years go by, however, more and more job hunting sites are popping up, many of which offer broader coverage and more specialized services. Job seekers are inundated with recommendations and recruiters have too many places to look. Is it possible that this surge in career search sites has actually created a problem of abundance?

Too Many Job Hunting Sites?
Fear not my friends, because there are not too many job hunting web sites on the Internet. In fact, it probably won't hurt if a few more enter the market. Having more sites encourages more competition. The job boards are getting better and better every day, offering newer and better services to both companies and job seekers.

The only foreseeable problem is knowing which sites are worth using. Frankly, there are over 50 reputable job boards on the Internet and it would take you a millennium to examine all of them. For that reason I would put your faith in a resume posting service that targets the top job hunting web sites. This will save you a ton of time and frustration.

by James Lyons

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