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Mining Gold on the Internet

by Shawn Casey
Work at Home Business Books

Let me ask you... Are you're trying to "make it" on the Internet? If so, then you've probably already seen the worst the 'Net has to offer, right? Your experience so far may be like a lot of others out there. For example...

Have you had enough of unproven moneymaking systems?

Are you tired of so-called "get-rich-quick" claims that require months of hard work, a ton of risk and loads of cash, but amount to little in return?

Are you wary of systems that promise success but don't tell you how long it'll take to make it (or worse yet, fall short on their promises of making it fast)? Well, there is a "real" way to make "real" money "real" fast (and without the hypey, promise-filled, insincere, wacky and often deceptive claims)... $1,000 is simple if you learn and follow my easy-to-implement system.

No bull. No fluff. No experience necessary.

If you're like most of the folks who visit my site, it's safe to say you're trying to make money online, or at least thinking about starting an Internet business.

Well, I Have Some Exciting News!
I have turned my best-selling online book, Mining Gold On the Internet: How to Make $1,000 in 15 Days! into a simple course that guarantees you a 100% return on your investment, within fifteen days — or I'll refund your enrollment fee!

I've sold over 90,000 copies of Mining Gold in 118 countries, and the book has been recognized as an absolute "must-read standard" for Internet marketers.

But now I've taken it one step further. I've turned that book — PLUS every new strategy I've developed and breakthrough I've encountered since I wrote it — into a mini-course that guarantees one thing... That you at least make your investment back within 5-15 days.

And I'm so sure about it, that I'm personally guaranteeing it'll work for you!

Obviously, your returns may vary from these results, but I guarantee — absolutely GUARANTEE — that you will make money if you follow my program.

Let me say that again to make sure you completely understand: My program is designed to get you up and earning in 15 days or less. If you don't make back at the very least your enrollment fee within 15 days of starting the program…

... I'll Give You Back Every Penny You Paid For The Course, No Questions Asked! I've made my fortune working on the Internet. I left a lucrative law practice and a position as CEO of a two-time Inc. 500 company to do it. I've worked — and succeeded — in both the traditional "job" arena and on the Internet

Do you know what I've discovered? As different as they may seem, the workaday world and the Internet world are not that far apart.

I discovered that web businesses and brick-and-mortar businesses work — and succeed or fail — under a similar set of rules. Like you, I read about the "dot com" companies that poured millions of dollars into their businesses, only to go bankrupt... ... Because they thought they could break those rules. Heck, I knew dozens of people who rode that roller-coaster. I'm a little more conservative: I don't believe in taking needless risks. I was schooled in the belief that a well-planned business should be profitable from day one. So when I launched my web businesses, I spent months testing and perfecting 22 explosive selling strategies that were either free or very low cost. These strategies made me $1.9 million last year and I use and refine them every single day. (Yup, you read that right... $1,900,000.00!)

I put together the lessons with a 10-to-15-day learning curve in mind, but very few of my staffers took 15 (let alone 10!) days to figure them out. I was blown away. It worked so well, that I discovered I really could "franchise" these 22 strategies to expose more of the power of the Internet to "regular people." And That's Where YOU Come In, But You Better Come in Fast... The system worked so well that I've decided to turn it loose on a small group of people outside of my staff. A small enough group that I can monitor them and watch their progress, but a large enough group to prove that you really can franchise success.

And it worked. Beautifully, in fact. Interested? Then hurry. Be among the next 500!

And, I promise you — you can't lose money on this deal because of... My Unconditional, Risk-Free, Money Back Guarantee!

Reserve your spot today, download the manual, read the workbook, follow the checklist, watch the videos and claim your $2,218.00 bonus package. Even use the $1,985 in free advertising (bonus #1).

Use my system for a whole 90 days. If you're not convinced that my techniques are worth thousands of dollars, if you're not making as much money as you think you should (you're the sole judge of how much this should be) or if for ANY reason you're not thrilled with my system, just email me within 90 days for a complete 100% refund. Even if you do, I insist you keep the $2,218 Bonus package as my gift just for trying out the system.

Of course, you still have my extraordinary offer so "Mining Gold On the Internet" won't cost you a dime: I'll return your entire deposit when you succeed in making your first $1,000, and you submit your success story for me to share with others. You heard that right...you get to make the money (and keep it) and it ends up costing you nothing to discover these strategies that really work.

I'm taking all the risk. You win either way because either way, all the profits you've made, all the secrets you've learned and all the bonuses from my $2,218.00 Special Bonus Package are yours to keep. And since my step-by-step system is delivered online, you won't even have to ship it back!

That's a guaranteed gain, just for reviewing my million-dollar strategies. See, you really can't lose! But, you have so much to gain, because "Mining Gold" delivers you everything you need to become successful on the Internet. Remember, you only get the Special Bonuses FREE if you are part of my first 500 group .

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