What You Need To Know Before Applying For Work
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What You Need To Know Before Applying For Work
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What You Need To Know Before Applying For Work

Since the projects you will get on the Internet for freelance writing are going to be so very varied, it is not very easy to answer this question.

Skills for this type of work at home job you would need would differ from one project to another. It always pays if you know about the subject in question, since it will make your task easier, and you will already have a perspective on the topic, probably. But, even if you do not know about the subject, there's no need to worry, because you can always do some research on the Internet and find out what you are looking for.

Now, here are some very general things that you must know before you make your first foray into freelance writing. See that you consider them all very well and much in advance.

1. Learn About The Search Engines

The first and foremost thing you must educate yourself on is what the purpose of your Internet writing is. You must make yourself clear on that point.

One very, very important point you must remember is that whatever you write for the Internet will be used for making money in some way or the other. And how is this done? The principle is simple, actually… read on.

When someone visits a website, there is the possibility of that visitor doing business with the website. That is a very simple thing to understand. But for that, it is necessary to make the visitor VISIT the website, right? And how is that done?

The secret mantra here is the search engines. People all over the world search for information on the search engines. They search this by putting a few closely-related words in the search bar, which are called the keyword or the keyphrase. Now, if a website has that keyword, then it will show up in the search results. This is how people will visit the website, and probably does business with it.

So, your writing must be targeted at weaving those popularly searched words, known as the keywords or the keyphrases, into the text you write. You are writing as a sort of an advertisement, and you must have this in mind.

This tactic of writing with the search engines in mind (in fact, anything that is done on the Internet with the search engines in mind) is called as Search Engine Optimization, shortened as SEO. If you are going to write for the Internet, and if you have some basic knowledge in SEO writing tactics, then it is an advantage for you. One good resource to read up on SEO writing tactics are on the 'Article Writing Guidelines' section of websites such as www.ezinearticles.com and www.buzzle.com.

You must also learn about as many Internet marketing ploys as you can. Again websites such as the above ones will help you read a lot on this, if you search with keywords like 'article marketing', 'Internet marketing', etc.

2. Freelance Writing Is Not A Game

One of the foremost things you need to remember is that freelance writing is not a game. There are some yuppie youths who enter this business just to make a quick buck while they are attending college. Many of them take this as a sort of game. Since there's the element of bidding involved when you take up work, the fun factor increases. There are some people out
there who will simply make strategies to win bids and all, but when the project comes in their hands, they just forget all about it. This is, of course, not the way to go about the whole thing. You need to take freelance writing very seriously if you want it to pay out what you are expecting from it.

3. You Might Not Have Clear Instructions When You Begin

Every profession has a bane; this is the one for freelance writing. All buyers of your work on the Internet are not going to give you precise instructions about what you need to do. In fact, some of them even won't know what they want. You might be bombarded with things like, 'You are
the writer; you know what sells… Do your best!'

Therefore, you need to be ready for that. Of course, you have a choice of selecting work. You can select work only when the instructions are clear to you, but remember that they will never be totally clear. There will always be an element of change associated with them when the work actually begins. Only a few will provide you with crystal-clear instructions right at the start.

4. Your Work Will Be Scrutinized

Of course, you are not writing something for your hobby blog. What you write has some strict business connected with it. So, it's only natural that your work will be looked into minutely. Editors will generally check your work, and you might have to modify and revise your work too. Don't be averse to that… it's only part of the whole profession.

5. You Will Have To Be Time-bound

You have to know that the freelance writing jobs you are going to get over the Internet are all going to be time-bound pieces of work. There are going to be strict deadlines on them. So, if you are planning to sit on one article for a month, you are not going to get anything done. People might not pay you if you jump deadlines.

But, cheer up, folks! These are all minor impediments. What's most important is that you can earn a whole ton of money through freelance writing jobs… so what's a little bit of effort into it, eh? Don't worry – we have a whole barrage of resources here to put you on the right track, and
have you earn those spiraling salaries that you have only dreamed of until now.

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