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GDI Income Opportunity Phone Leads and Scripts
GDI Income Opportunity Phone Leads and Scripts GDI Income Opportunity Phone Leads and Scripts

GDI Phone Leads and Phone Scripts

As a GDI associate, your phone is can be an important part of your marketing campaign. The first thing you should do is visit 1-Plus Long Distance and see if you have the best phone deal available to you. We totally recommend a visit to them as they will probably cut your phone bill in half. In particular you should look at their broad band phones. A broadband phone costs as little as $20/month all in and gives you unlimited local and long distance calls in the USA and Canada.

Buy leads with phone numbers Our "Finding Leads" page will provide you with quality leads that include phone numbers. There is considerable evidence that if you buy leads on the internet, you should only buy the ones with phone numbers.

Call your leads and ask them if you can send them an email about a great opportunity. Don't be scared...these leads are people that have shown interest in a home based business. Ask them for their email address and tell them the subject of the email they should look out for (i.e., GDI program, GDI opportunity, etc.). Send them a short email with the URL of your website all personalized (I suggest sending them to the flash presentation This is what the top money-makers at GDI are doing. Spend just half an hour a day doing this and you will be very happy with the results. Click here for a sample phone script you can use.

GDI's Toll Free Phone Number

GDI offers you a toll free phone number which plays a pre-recorded message. Ask your prospect to call this number to get their juices flowing. GDI refers to this as "THE SHORT SIZZLE CALL".

Direct people in the Continental USA to 1.800.MY.DOT.WS (1-800-693-6897).
Direct international prospects to 760-602-3030. This is a US number so they must dial the US access code first.
This short call is designed to pique a person's interest. If they ARE interested by what they hear, then it's time to move them into the program and send them to your flash presentation or domain name.

Your Own Personal GDI Voice Mail

GDI also offers a service where you can have a toll free number with your own personal message. It's very powerful to have your own phone recorded message rather than having to communicate directly with a live person. You should always let your prospects know that the phone number you are asking them to dial is a recorded message. Many of them won't risk picking up the phone if they think someone on the other end is going to answer and try selling something to them, but THEY WILL CALL to listen to a short recorded message. Click Here for GDI's own Voice Mail service.

Cold Calling and phone scripts:- Finally if you are into cold calling, please visit Marvin Drobes' website Wealth 411 for a number of email and phone script examples. Marvin is very good at this and his examples are tried and tested. You can also listen to what they sound like.


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