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Market your GDI Business
with Home Business Leads

The simplest and least expensive method of building your downline with GDI is by using the GDI Invite System. Just login to your control panel and use the invitation form to invite anyone you know who would be a potential user of the GDI system.
There are literally tons of home business lead resources online. However, you must be careful when purchasing leads and make sure you purchase from a reputable lead source.

Below are 4 Lead Sources I highly Recommend:

  1. Oppseekers has been my favorite lead source. I have personally used Oppseekers leads with good results and I know many successful GDI affiliates who have used Oppseekers leads to build GDI organizations of over 5 thousand people. Many of the testimonials on the Oppseekers page are actually from successful GDI affiliates who can be seen on the GDI DVD. You can get thousands of leads for a very affordable price. Click here to learn more.

  2. Leadersclub
    Leads from this source are very good and they also provide some valuable training.

    LeadersClub Strategy: Leads from Leadersclub always provide an email address and phone number. Email and/or phone your prospects and ask them if you can send them a free DVD that provides detailed information about the GDI opportunity. Then mail them a dvd with your access code.

  3. Getresponse
    Getresponse provides you with affordable leads and an email autoresponder system that will send your leads your own series of email that promote your GDI business. Simple, easy and affordable. Click Here to learn more.

  4. Empowerism
    I have used Empowerism as a marketing system and a lead source for 2 years. This is a very powerful system that makes me a lot money and generates GDI recruits as well. Their lead source is impeccable, and you get a great follow up system. Click here to check it out!

    At the very least take the opportunity to get Empowerism's free email marketing course and look at a free copy of a back issue of Excellence Magazine. Click here to get the free email marketing course. Empowerism provides you with a set of step by step emails which will literally take you by the hand and lead you through a process of logical moves to a finite financial goal. Their backend office and support are awesome.


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