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Your GDI Website URLs to Promote

By Kevin Hass - GDI Associate - Intended for GDI members.
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There are a number of important URLs (links) that you need to have for your GDI business. Below is a list of the most important URLs you'll need to market GDI. Remember to replace YOURID with your GDI user name/ID. You should use these to list on search engines, email signatures, online and offline ads, business cards, flyers and everywhere else you can think of.

International/Multi Language URLs that you may use to market to several other countries. GDI is truly an international opportunity. This opens new doors for you. If you know people who speak other languages, send them one of these links now and ask for their opinion on the presentation. Also make sure to check out advertising opportunities in countries that use other languages. You'll often find that it's very inexpensive to advertise in other countries. You have the ability to grow your organization worldwide! Control Panel and Marketing Material URLs
    This is where you login to your personal control panel. Here you can order domains, check your stats, contact your organization, manage your domain, etc.

    DVD presentation order page. Make sure you get one of's only $2.95 and makes you eligible for the $40,000 per bonuses!