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What Do You Get with GDI and
How Do You Make Money?

  1. 7-Day Free Trial Using Access Code wahb - click here

  2. After 7 Days, for only $10 includes all this:
    • Your Own Domain Name (compare at $35 at
    • Web Hosting (compare from $15 to $100 per month at
    • Web Site Builder (software programs can cost hundreds)
    • 10 Email Addresses based on your domain
    • Email Forwarding
    Click Here for Product Details

  3. Ways You Make Money!

    • 5-Level Uni-Level Compensation - You are paid $1 per month per domain that is registered in your 5-level network and their is no limit to number of recruits per level! The income potential is unlimited!
      Click Here for details.

    • $1,000 Per Day Awarded in Our DAILY CONTEST POOL! Simply recruit just 2 people on any day and receive a share of the $1,000 daily bonus pool.
      Click Here for details.

    • $10,000 Per Month Awarded in Our New MONTHLY POOL! Simply recruit 20 people in any month and receive a share of the $10,000 monthy bonus pool.
      Click Here for details.

    • Infinity Bonus Program - Become a "Master Affiliate" and earn commissions on Levels 6 through Infinity! Imagine the Income Potential! You can calcute it HERE.
      Click Here for details.

  4. Tools Provided for Recruiting

    You will be provided with the following websites and tools to market your new business:

    • Your Own Domain that you register when you join. You can use the website builder to build your own site, or forward it to one of the GDI promotional pages.

    • - This is the general GDI promotion page.

    • - High Quality online movie presentation

    • - A GDI "fill in your ID" page used with a great DVD presentation. Also has links to 7 other countries translated in their language.

    • - A GDI "fill in your ID" page.

    • - Details on GDI's web hosting package that you may use to promote only the hosting.

    • - Downloadable flyer for offline marketing.

    • - DVD presentation order page.

    • - Business cards order page.

    • - Downloadable training manual.

      CLICK HERE for a full list of all the GDI URLs available to you.

    • Personal Invite System - Simply enter prospects name and email address and they will automatically receive a series of invitations to join GDI in your network.

    • Several Flash and GIF banners and instructions on how to use them. Here's one of them:
    CLICK HERE for a full list of all the GDI URLs available to you.
That's it! GDI is hand's down the most legitimate and easiest business opportunity available.

How many people do you know who would like to earn an unlimited potential income, from the comfort of their own home, without ever having to talk to another person, and without investing one single penny to start?

The opportunity to quickly build your business from home with GDI is possible for anyone! Click the link below and enter the Access Code to get your free trial today! If you have already joined, login at and register your new domain name immediately. Then view this step by step guide and you'll be on your way to the online success you desire! Email me here anytime you need help.


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