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By Kevin Hass - GDI Associate - Intended for GDI members.
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Below are sample emails you may send to your GDI leads (people who are interested in a home business that have contacted you through your website or from leads you have purchased.

Subject: Your Requested Information

Hello (Prospects first name):

You recently expressed an interest in receiving information from one of our partner websites by supplying your name, email, mailing address, phone number, and IP address. In response to your interest, I`m excited to introduce you to an extraordinary business opportunity concept.

!!!Before You Go Further - PLEASE View this short movie:
It may be the pinnacle of your online business venture!!!!
(copy or type URL into your browser if link is not active)

This business opportunity is sensible and practical; easy to understand, AND easy to implement. The impact this system will have on your income -- and your financial well-being -- will be monumental.

If you are no longer interested in learning about ways to increase your wealth, please use the permanent removal link below. But before you do that, I hope you`ll just take a moment to read this message. Then, after you know exactly how much this no obligation system has to offer and how it can easily help you accelerate your income, if you still wish to opt-out at that point, it`s your choice, of course.

This is a unique online system that builds your entire business on the Internet -- automatically!

You can earn income WORLDWIDE! Youíll receive the Internet business, training, and support giving you the tools needed to earn residual and leveraged income and 95% of the work is automated...EARN INCOME FOR LIFE!

Go Here to See More Details:

I have been successful with online businesses for over 5 years. My goal was to work at home full time and spend more time with my wife and 2 kids. I accomplished this goal and now Iím at home so much now, my kids are driving me crazy!

My success didn't happen overnight, but I eventually discovered the real "secrets" required to make money online using just a computer and Internet connection. It was actually very EASY, but it had taken me a long time to figure out how to make it happen. Once I finally figured out how to make money online from home myself, I realized that I could help other people copy my success.

I soon discovered that earning residual income on the Internet is all about duplication. By helping YOU make money online, I can grow my income too. It's actually the perfect business ó I succeed only when YOU make money!

That's what "Income for Life" is all about... helping YOU make money online!

I would like to offer you a sample of how our system works. Take a "Free, no obligation" tour and experience how our system works first hand.

Is that fair, (Prospects name)?
Simply view the following short presentation and you'll be on your way to financial success:

To Your Success,
YOUR Domain Name

Subject: Welcome to GDI

Hello (Trial Signup's First Name),

I just wanted to congratulate you on joining a winning team. If there is anything that I can do to help you please Email me, your sponsor YOURNAME.

Our upline has created a great step by step training site to help you get started. I highly recommend that you read through this guide:

...and here's a great page that explains exactly what you get and how you make money with GDI:
(copy or type into your browser if link does not work)

If you haven't done so, please provide your payment method by logging in at
This will activate your free 7-day trial.

I really want you to realize the power of your new business. GDI has recently launched a bonus program that may earn you a lot of money. If you only get 5 people to join GDI under you in a week, you will earn a $100 bonus, 10 people your will earn $200, 15 equals $300 and so on. Each 5 people you recruit equals an extra $100 in your pocket...and this is UNLIMITED! If you recruit 100, you'll receive a $2000 bonus! This can be huge income for you!

Just think about what you get for only $10:

Domain Name - Web Hosting - Email Accounts - Website Builder - and your own business with incredible Marketing tools to use so you can earn BIG money! This can cost hundreds with other opportunities!

Please email if you need any assistance. I'm here to help!

YOUR Domain Name

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