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Marketing with

If you are not yet familiar with the DVDs we have created to help you in marketing the GDI product, go visit right away to learn more about this excellent prospecting tool. The main advantage to marketing with the DVD is that you will be eligible for shares of the $40,000 per month GDI Bonuses.

Allow us to show you how DVD prospecting can be a truly rejection-proof way to explode your GDI organization into something that will provide INCOME FOR LIFE! The key to the whole DVD prospecting method is to be on the lookout for the prospects who display a genuine interest in the business AFTER watching the DVD, and only talk about the business one-on-one with THOSE prospects.

Let the GDI DVD handle all the potential rejection for you.

We'll use a real-world example. For the purposes of this example, we'll say that your failure rate is as high as 80%, which means that only 2 out of 10 people who watch a DVD take a free trial of the GDI business opportunity.

Now, assume you're starting with an organization of only 10 people, and each of you makes a commitment to hand out just 3 DVDs per day. You'll only need to purchase about 10 DVDs each to make this happen, because they can easily be "recycled" and used again.

Simply be on the lookout for people who look who attract you as being someone who could succeed in this home based business. If you know they are in need of money or that they have some computer skills, that's even better. Introduce yourself, hand them a DVD, and then ask them if they would be willing to take some time out of their busy day to watch it and give you some feedback - on what you believe to be one of the most exciting business opportunities to earn some extra money that you've ever seen.

Make sure to carry a small notepad with you so you can write down names and phone numbers. That way you can call to follow-up, and at the least - you can schedule a time to get back with them and pick up the DVD. By letting a prospect know that you'd like to get the DVD back from them in a few days, you're applying some gentle pressure that will make them more likely to watch the DVD while YOU are still fresh in their mind.

As we said before, let the DVD do the selling, telling and explaining. If a prospect asks you "What is this about?", politely ask them to watch the presentation on the DVD first, and that you'll be glad to answer any remaining questions they have after doing that.

After a few days, follow-up and get your DVD back. If your prospect is interested, they'll let you know. If they are not, you'll know that too. The important thing is that you didn't spend a lot of time explaining the GDI opportunity to someone who MAY or MAY NOT have an interest. You let the DVD do the tedious work and you're only answering a few questions from INTERESTED PROSPECTS and showing people how and where to signup for their free trial, and then sharing this same prospecting method with them once they are an affiliate.

The important points to remember when using this method are:

  • Introduce yourself and be personable.
  • Tell the people you are giving DVDs to that you would like their opinion.
  • Write down contact information.
  • Schedule a specific date and time to pick up your DVD and talk with them about the opportunity.
Two days is ample time for a serious prospect to find the time to watch the presentation. Make sure to let your prospects know that you'd like to follow-up with them in a couple days to get the DVD back so you can share it with some other people, and that you'd like to discuss what they saw and heard about GDI when you arrive to get the DVD from them.

Are you ready to order some DVDs of your own and begin putting this easy and rejection-proof method of prospecting to work for you? Encourage your team to do the same, and we're sure you'll be pleased with the results you see in return for your efforts.

And since you're not experiencing rejection and you're not spending a lot of time explaining the business or our product, it will be easy for you to remain excited and energetic about GDI and the money you're making.

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