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GDI Business Cards and GDI Flyers

GDI's "Opportunity Flyer" will really strike cords where it counts - in people who are looking to EARN MORE MONEY. You can download these for free and edit them with your access code/user name.


Show a teenager the GDI flash presentation. Then hand him a piece of notebook paper with three columns.

One for first name, one for last name, and one for email address. Just like adding people into our "invite" system in your control panel, right?

Have the teenager take the flyer to school with him and hand out a few copies. Show the teenager how to write down people's names and email addresses as he was showing them the flyer.

Finally - bribe him - tell him you will give him a buck per signup and that he/she could also keep any money that this position in the company made.

This should fire anybody up, especially a young adult!

You can even show this person how to enter these same people into the invite system to "remind" them about GDI and the opportunity that's available to them.

Use this awesome flyer?
(NOTE: Included are both a .PDF and also the .DOC source file if you'd like to type in your ID instead of write it before you make copies. Get the PDF Reader if you need to for free it at

I'm issuing a challenge to you. For the next 24 hours, if you really want to make a lot of money in GDI, go ALL OUT.

No holds barred...

Print some flyers (write in your username clearly or typeset it with your computer using the .doc before you copy), and show at least 10 good prospects how they can get their own web sites today FREE to try - and how they can make money by doing the exact same thing you are.

Potentially BIG money...
(NOTE: Remember to get their email addresses so you can followup with them later)

I assure you that by the time your prospects watch the killer flash presentation, they will already KNOW without a doubt that they are capable of succeeding at this.

After all, they saw how easy it was for you to get THEM to watch the presentation.


You can also use GDI's business cards and earn big! These are very professional biz cards that are well worth the price. Check them out at:

Include one of these great GDI business cards or opportunity flyers with your check when you are paying bills. You will be surprised how effective this is.

Tape your business card to ATMs and Parking Garage Check Out Machines and leave a small stack of cards there.

Get a set of GDI business cards to give prospects and leave at various destinations during your daily travels. This is such a simple way of attracting customers. Think about your daily travels: cleaners, grocery store, doctor's office, dentist's office, restuarants, fast food places, post name it....leave a card everywhere!

Here's something that has brought me a ton of prospects. Get some free business cards here. Design it simple like this:

"Income for Life"

Find Out How:
Then distribute them everywhere. Hire some kids to put place your business card and/or flyers on cars at Wal-Mart, Malls, neighborhoods, etc. IT WORKS!

Are you ready!


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