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Affiliate Training

If you are new to online business marketing, the Affiliate Classroom is an excellent resource that will teach you how the experts do it.

Now You Can Join this Coaching Program and Receive Step By Step Guidance From A Team Of Experts Who’ll Hold Your Hands The Entire Way. It only costs $1...and worth a lot more than that! It is not another hyped up book, course or teleseminar. In fact, it's unlike anything you've ever seen, read or heard about before. It's one of the main reason's I'm so successful with GDI.

For the first time ever: You can receive one-on-one, personalized coaching, from a team of top earning affiliates - who force you to succeed!

Firstly, you'll be taken by the hand and given all the tools, resources and secrets you need to succeed. Then, you'll be coached every step of the way (they even check up on you). As you go from nothing - to earning huge affiliate checks, every single month!

Within 5 minutes of joining you'll have access to all the coaching, tools, contacts, resources, interviews so you can finally earn a decent income online with GDI!

You may have read countless so called internet business and "affiliate training" e-books, courses and teleseminars only to get even more frustrated and disappointed. If you're like anything I was, then you've probably ...

  • Bought countless "how to" e-books promising you'll make overnight riches if you simply follow their total B.S. and unworkable plan.
  • Worked your butt off only to earn measly commission checks (or none at all) and wondered what the hell you were doing wrong.
  • Spent weeks building sites, perfecting them, copying the "successful" sites, yet, still nothing but a couple of $2 sales...
  • Spent hours talking to "experts" - sucking their brain for information...But always walking away with the feeling that they're hiding the "true" secrets from you...
A team of marketing education experts have already helped 47 people – people not much different from you – take the critical step from mere "theory" into lucrative practice. These students have learned to accomplish some extraordinary feats, such as...
  • Break into top search engine rankings in Google in highly competitive niches.
  • Write web copy that converts 3% to 26% of casual visitors into eager repeat buyers.
  • Boost profits – not just raw sales – by more than 1100%.
  • Achieve ROI of 18% to 2300% from simple Adwords campaigns.
TIME OUT! Do You Make These Costly Mistakes When Trying To Make Money Online?

  • You spend thousands of dollars on a seminar - get all hyped up, only to go home without an action plan or a place to start from. What's more, now you're all alone and there's no one you can turn to for help. Or ...
  • You buy an e-book or course that's got a few good ideas in it - but it's also asking you to buy a lot of other programs too. Worse still, you don't understand a lot of it's jargon or even what you should do next - so you're left stranded still. Or ...
  • You spend money setting up your website, buying hosting, domain names, autoresponders, audio, etc. Only to discover that your whole plan was floored from the beginning. How? Because as soon as something goes wrong there's no one you can turn to for help (And you don't want to pay thousands of dollars for coaching, do you?).
The Real Secret To Making Money Online (and so far, only the gurus know it)

The answer is simple: Support. The difference between you and a guru who earns $50,000 per month online is plain old support. And right here, is the only place you can get it - without having to pay tens of thousands of dollars.

Think about it. If a guru launches a new product - and it flops - then all he has to do is contact his guru buddies for help. You see, a guru always makes money because he has a support group of experts who help them out.

But the question is ...

Do you have a support group? I'm not talking about a bunch of people who are worse off - or even on the same level as you are. No, those people can't help you at all.

What you really need is: Access to a group of successful affiliate marketers, who are making a lot of money online, and are committed to helping you do the same.

And as an Affiliate Classroom Member, that's just one of the benefits you receive. Ongoing, one-on-one coaching and support, from a team of top earning affiliates. And of course, you get countless resources, tutorials and dozens of other marketing aids too.

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"The Affiliate Classroom Membership Site" 1. Marketing Tutorials

Do you really have time to read a 700-page ebook? I don't either. That's why they only offer short and sweet tutorials with no fluff or filler content. These are packed with gems of affiliate marketing strategies.

2. Database Of Internet Marketing Ebooks

Sick and tired of all the "rehashed" marketing e-books out there? Do you want to get your hands on the best marketing information ... for free? At Affiliate Classroom you can! You see, we've already purchased the rights to the latest and greatest marketing information.

You'd usually have to spend thousands of dollars to get your hands on this kind of proprietary information. But with Affiliate Classroom you'll get access to it for free. You’ll also get access to copies of all our original, thought-provoking viral guides. Members of our group say these alone are worth much more than the tuition.

The bottom line is, you’ll be delighted with these resources. All the instructors have used them and, more importantly, have made money with them. As of this writing there are 30 resources you can access, and each month we add at least 5 new ones.

3. Experts Interviewed & Grilled Monthly

There's no better way to learn something than by learning from an expert in that field. So every month they "grill" several online marketing experts. Not just anyone. I'm talking "big name" marketers.

Don't pay $50 - $100 for a conference call where the guru wastes an hour trying to sell his product. No way. On our conference calls we enforce a strict "no selling" policy. Which means, you always get juicy, practical marketing tactics ... at no further cost.

You'll learn from leading experts, such as:
Copywriters, Search engine experts, Product creators, Affiliate marketers, Motivational speakers, Self made millionaires, and more.

Each month, listen in as each expert reveals their most jealously guarded secrets. No fluff. No filler. Just the best marketing strategies delivered directly to you!

4. Top Earning Affiliates Interviewed Monthly

If you’ve ever joined a membership site that claimed to reveal “case studies” of people making a living online, only to be disappointed? Here’s why. These sites never get the interviewee to reveal anything SPECIFIC. But not so in The Affiliate Classroom. The guests “show-and-tell” all! Dozens of successful affiliates have lined up to teach you everything they know. They are ready to be GRILLED on their exact, top-to-bottom, inside-out techniques with questions like these...

You’ll literally CRAVE these nuts and bolts case studies, crammed with ideas you can actually UNDERSTAND and USE. No more disjointed information and lack of focus.

You’ll eagerly await these in-depth, no-holds-barred profiles of people who are re-writing the book on affiliate marketing success.

Why settle for a few veiled generalities, punctuated by plugs for products or software? A case study is supposed to show you HOW someone accomplished a goal or solved a problem. In the Affiliate Classroom, our case studies include practical, step-by-step instruction on how to DUPLICATE success. 5. Members Only Marketing Forum

Warning: This is not your average forum. You won't find ramblings, swearing, outdated advice or nonsense here. Here you can ask specialist experts your toughest questions.

6. Breaking News

This classified, members only news section will keep you updated on all the latest in the internet marketing world. This is where you’ll hear about new software, changes in the search engines, spam concerns, and so much more. More than the perfect place to explore during your down time, our news area will keep you 100% updated with cutting-edge techniques, announcements of our latest viral guides, and even online stories we think you’ll enjoy. Yes, it’s the ultimate “before you sleep” reading section, updated regularly!

7. Conference Calls With Leading Experts

Every other week you will be cordially invited to a free seminar or coaching call. Some topics will be announced in advance. Others will be special calls where you might listen to an interview with a surprise guest or participate in a question and answer session. Members only, period – strongly enforced. No one will be able to “buy” their way into these calls. They are strictly for Affiliate Classroom students only. You probably think that’s all. But it really isn’t. Naturally you’re tired of “over-delivery” claims and an endless string of bonuses that are just re-sell e-books. We couldn’t agree more. In The Affiliate Classroom they believe the students deserve better. These two original bonuses are only offered in The Affiliate Classroom. You cannot, and will not, find them elsewhere. (In fact, if you do, please tell us – we will put a stop to that immediately).

8. The Affiliate Upsell System This is the same system that made me over $10,000 in revenue in just a few weeks! Broken down into 5 quick and easy guides. An advanced, step-by-step system for learning how to break the “small commission check barrier” and literally build an entire online business – one that can support you and your family for many years to come.

Guide #1:
The Affiliate Upsell System Explained

Guide #2:
How To Quickly And Easily Write Awesome Ad Copy!

Guide #3:
How To Quickly and Easily Build A Site That Sells!

Guide #4:
How To Maximize Profits From Upsells And Follow Ups

Guide #5:
How To Create Multiple Streams Of Affiliate Income

You'll Also Receive These Bonuses (Worth $395.00) For FREE!

Bonus #1: How To Dominate The Search Engines
$97.00 Value

Bonus #2: How To Make Google Love You
$47.00 Value

Bonus #3: Driving Thousands Of Visitors To Your Site
$57.00 Value

Bonus #5: How To Write Articles For BIG Profits
$47.00 Value

Bonus #6: Affiliate Classroom Magazine
Value $100.00

Gain Access Today For A Measly $1.00

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