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You may or may not have heard of Traffic Exchanges, but if not, they are a good way to advertise online businesses for free. A traffic exchange allows you to earn credits in return for viewing other people’s web pages for a certain length of time (usually 10-20 seconds). You can then use your credits to advertise your own web pages.

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Here are some step by step instructions for you to help you promote Data Network Affiliates on Traffic Exchanges. The aim of this is to earn you credits in the best traffic exchanges and allow you to get GDI signups while at the same time building your downline.

STEP 1: Join the following 5 FREE Traffic Exchanges.
Traffic Ad Bar
Traffic G
Start Exchange
Easy Hits 4U

STEP 2: This is the most time consuming part and will probably take you about 1-2 hours. You need to familiarise yourself with each of the 5 traffic exchanges that you have joined. You will need to enter a URL to promote and you will normally have to surf 10-20 pages to activate your account.

STEP 3: On a daily basis, open 4 tabs inside a browser and spend about 20-30 minutes surfing all 4 of these traffic exchanges at one time. This will earn you credits and as you earn credits your own D.N.A. URLs will be seen.

Repeat step 3 as often as possible. Your credits will grow and you will get more exposure. At the same time your downline should grow and you will be able to surf less as you will earn credits from your downline.

Traffic exchanges were one of the first marketing things I used when I started internet marketing.

Get Free Data Network Affiliates Traffic

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