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Data Network Affiliates Training Guide

By Kevin Hass

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Welcome! I built this site for my personal Data Network Affiliate (D.N.A.) members. It will help you get started with your new business by getting signups and commissions and help you start making money from this opportunity as soon as possible.

1. Enter Your Car Tags

Log into your D.N.A. back office at:

Get a notepad and jot down license plate numbers from cars in locations that you probably already visit like grocery stores, department stores, malls, schools, etc.

Click "Tag Entry" in your back office and start entering. You will need to enter the tag number, time and location. You can only enter 5 per day. (Optional: Upgrade to Pro version and you can enter unlimited tags per day and it is much faster).

Once you enter your 20 tags, you have already started earning money! Wasn't that easy!

Please make sure you enter your 20 tags each month. If you won't earn anything on any levels of commissions.

2. Tell Everyone You Know Before they Know

In order to make BIG money on up to 10 levels deep, you have to refer others and encourage them to enter the tags. D.N.A. is literally exploding in numbers. Thousands are joining daily because of the fact that it's free and you can make money without spending money. GET THE WORD OUT NOW! Tell everyone you know about is a business that you can feel good about telling others because you are not asking for money.

First, email everyone you know. Click Here for sample emails you should use. Next, download Free Phone Surveyed Leads here. This service will provide you with 25 FREE phone surveyed leads per week. Download the leads and send them an email. The new leads will be available to you every Monday, so take advantage of this.

Next, click the links below for the details on FREE and powerful marketing methods.

3. Advertise Data Network Affiliates with Google Adwords

What is Google Adwords? Go to Google and type in any search phrase that you can think of. You will see “Sponsored Ads” down the right hand side and sometimes at the top of the page. These ads are paid advertising and the advertiser will pay every time someone clicks on an ad. This is known as pay per click (ppc) advertising and Google’s is called Google Adwords.

Before you decide to use Google Adwords, I highly recommend that register to Perry Marshall's Free 5 Day Adwords Training Course. Perry is an expert with Adwords and by reading this training, you will save and make a lot of money.

Open a Google Adwords account for free here and you only pay when your ad is clicked on. You can set up a maximum price per click and a daily budget to ensure that you don’t overspend.

Alternatively, I like Yahoo's version of PPC. Click here and get a $25 credit to start using Yahoo Search.

4. Advertise GDI with Email Marketing

One of the best ways to market online is with email marketing. In order to do this effectively, you'll need a way to automatically follow-up with your GDI prospects. It has been proven time and time again that when you email a lead, they usually don't join until after the 4th or 5th email follow-up they receive.

A good email follow-up system will bring visitors back to your site with targeted follow up messages.

If you don't have a website to capture leads, you can purchase them at very reasonable rates.

The email follow-up program I recommend is TrafficWave

TrafficWave also has great rates on leads that will automatically be imported to receive your follow-up email. Click Here to learn more.

Click Here for sample emails that you can copy. Just copy them into your Trafficwave email campaign.

5. Advertise Data Network Affiliates with Business Cards/Newspapers

One of the most powerful offline marketing methods that has brought huge success to millions of home business owners is to market with business cards and flyers.

To start out, I recommend you get 250 free business cards HERE! GDI has some business cards you can order, but they are more expensive.

Leave these cards everywhere. Give them to everybody, place them in the postage paid envelopes from junk mail you receive, place them in the envelopes of the bills you pay, place them in gas restrooms, LEAVE THEM EVERYWHERE! Hire a teenager to place on windshields at Wal-Mart, carnivals, fairs, front doors, EVERYWHERE!

Traditional newspaper advertising WORKS!...and is very affordable. Place ads similar to these:

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I hope this Data Network Affiliates Training Guide helps you start a lucrative home business. I will send you email with additional marketing methods over time.

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