Data Entry Jobs Review

Data Entry
Jobs Review

Why do some people make thousands with simple data entry job opportunities?

It's true...people are making thousands of dollars per month participating in online data entry jobs and business opportunities. The problem is finding the legitimate and profitable resources. They do exist, but most people spend endless hours just trying to find them. And while they are searching, they are throwing money away on scams and rip-offs. The people that are making the big bucks have researched these services for years and invested tons of money.

Are there any legitimate data entry sources?

Absolutely! The goal of this site was to find legitimate data entry opportunity resources. We researched hundreds of data entry sites and have learned which ones deliver and which ones are a waist of time and money. Most of the sources we found were scams, had poor customer service, or provided web sites with links that didn't even work.

Good News! We are excited that we found 2 sources that legitimately provide you with the resources needed to make a lot of money simply typing at home on your computer.

Top Data Entry Job Opportunity Websites:

#1 Data Entry Bucks

How would you like to earn a few extra hundred dollars per day entering data for online businesses? Wouldn't it be nice to sit at home submitting information for companies and quit your dead end day job?

This company offers numerous companies that are looking for workers to submit information into online forms and they will pay you nicely in return. You can get paid up to $100 per transaction. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but a legitimate way to earn money from home.

They have already helped thousands of people worldwide achieve financial freedom and enjoy a better life. This is "hands-down" our top pick money-making opportunity!

#2 Legit Data Entry Jobs

"Legit Online Data Entry" is our top choice for a data entry job source. Their sites provides everything you need to make money typing at a few added money-making bonuses.

We have had great feedback from people using this service. A high percentage of people said the product has been very effective for them and made them some great extra cash. Complaints have been very low.

We feel most people will be very pleased with the income-generating tools provided by "Legit Online Data Entry". The company gives a 60 day, risk-free trial.

#3 Freelance Data Entry Jobs

"Freelance Work Exchange" is our #2 data entry job opportunity resource.

The company claims, "Almost 20,000 people worldwide joined and thousands are making a full-time income".

From the results of our research, we believe the above statement to be true. By far we received the most positive comments from people using Survey Scout. A very high percentage of the people who have joined said they were able to earn a lot of money almost immediately after joining. And we didn't get many complaints on this service.

We feel most people will be very pleased with Freelance Work Exchange and it is easily our current #2 recommendation for data entry ob opportunities. You can't go wrong trying them - the company offers a database of hundreds of data entry opportunities!

Why we only recommend 3 Data Entry Job Resources?

We only recommend services we believe are going to legitimately make people money. Most other data entry resources we researched showed us that they were not very effective.

How We Determined Which Data Entry Sites Work?

Our reviews are based on several factors including the following: customer satisfaction, customer service, company reputation, top selling products, web site quality and of course the most important factor was overall results reported by actual customers that are earning money.

Our results are compiled mainly from online survey polls and direct feedback by actual customers. We value the opinions of consumers who can give us their honest feedback as to which products worked and which ones did not work. If you have any positive or negative feedback about the data entry services we are recommending, or any other data entry product, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to post your opinions on our main company forum. We would appreciate any information you can give us about your experiences with data entry job resources.