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Data Network Affiliates Review

Data Network Affiliates Review

Here is a comprehensive review of Data Network Affiliates. Data Network Affiliates launched on March 1, 2010 and has already broke recruiting records. It is really exploding. I feel positive about the ability to make a lot of money with this unique and rare business opportunity.

What is D.N.A. about?
It is a work at home MLM business opportunity that is 100% FREE to join and the only MLM where you can actually make money without spending MONEY. Their initial product is a simple task of entering automobile license plate numbers into a database. It's very easy. This data is valuable in many ways. It can be used to help with Amber Alerts and to find Missing Children. It can be used by Law Enforcement Agencies. Stolen cars can be located and returned to their owners. Police detectives can also use this to help locate known criminals and take them off our streets. Banks, Car Dealers, Car Rental Agencies all have to deal with getting back vehicles that are not being paid for. Unfortunately, there are millions of these cars and many millions of dollars are spent doing this. This is already happening and proven. It can also help to find Missing Persons. Often there are rewards offered to help find a missing person and you can be part of the solution. Click Here to take a free tour.

How do you make money with D.N.A?
D.N.A. pays you $2 for each month you turn in data for 20 or more car tags. D.N.A. pays up to $2 for each affiliate up to 10 levels of affiliates below you that turns in data for 20 or more tags.

Using the 2 above incomes a person can earn a substaintial amount of money. You can do the numbers, use whatever multiplication you wish to use. Use the power of 10 as the leadership is to obtain the maximum of six levels of income. This really adds up to a lot of money!

NOTICE ALL OF THE ABOVE INCOME can be earned without a single purchase or sale of any kind just, DATA COLLECTION. This should put an end to all the naysayers that say that it is impossible for you to earn anything by signing up for free and building a team of 10 levels of free sign ups. Because if all they do is turn in Data Collected as stated above you will be paid as described as long as you do your 20 tags also.

D.N.A. also has an upgrade option that will allow you to a lot more money. They are also planning on launching several additionally opportunities for unlimited income potential...not just tag entry. What will it cost you to join Data Network Affiliates?
NOTHING! As stated above, you can earn money without spending any. They do have opportunities to upgrade, but this is totally optional. The real attraction to this business is that it's 100% free. Click Here to learn more.

Is D.N.A. available anywhere in the World?
Yes, this is a worldwide work at home opportunity.

Who are the Founders of D.N.A.?

George Madiou As Its CEO & Founder: George Madiou is The Owner and Publisher of The Network Marketing Magazine which is read in over 123 Countries by tens of thousands of people... GEORGE is no stranger to NETWORK MARKETING he has interviewed and befriended more Owners, more Presidents and hundreds of MLM Leaders and distributors than any other person in the industry. He is most known for his Integrity and Honesty. George Madiou is a full-blooded Entrepreneur, complete with validating credentials, Degrees in Marketing and Management from SUNY and NYU.

Arthur Kurek As Its President & Founder: Arthur M. Kurek joined Amalgamated Life in 1972. He has held various positions within Amalgamated Life and its affiliates. Currently, he is the president of Alicomp, an outsourcing information technology company and a senior vice president of Amalgamated Life. Prior to joining Amalgamated Life, Mr. Kurek was with Empire Blue Cross and Mobil Oil Corporation.

Donald Kessler As Its VP Of Marketing & Founder: Was VP of Corporate Development of Hardwicke Group Of Companies. Taking many start up companies to Mega-Success. Some of which are household names such as Benihana, Tavern On The Green, Great Adventure Amusement Park & Studio 54. Don was instrumental in the publicity campaign which launched Nu-Skin International.

How do I join D.N.A.?

Simply click here to learn more and signup up free. Review the information and then decide for yourself.

I hope this Data Network Affiliates Review has been helpful.

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