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Your Attitude Can Help Your Work at Home Success

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Your Attitude Can Help Your Work at Home Success

LeadersClub Article
"Poor human relations can ruin the best marketing effort you could ever put together!" - Jim Cathcart

As you prospect and recruit, your attitude can help you become a work at home success. Unfortunately, your attitude can also get in the way of your success. Your attitude is equally important to your success as your marketing effort. Without marketing, you won't have the people to talk with and recruit.

Success in recruiting goes beyond just a good marketing message. You will do more recruiting as a result of having a good attitude. Those you prospect and recruit will do business with you because of you as an individual. They will do business with you when you show you care about them and show you can help meet their needs. Network marketing is about relationships, it is about helping people. Our recruiting should then also reflect doing something for people. We should do things with people and for people, not to them.Those you prospect and eventually recruit are constantly thinking, "what's in it for me?" If you are focused on yourself rather than the prospect, you will find yourself in a position of being manipulative and pushing people. The key is to develop an attitude that you truly are there to help people.

Before you can begin to improve your attitude, you must first take a solid look at how you perceive yourself. Regardless of what others try to tell you, recruiting in network marketing is sales. I know, you hate sales and you don't want to be in sales. This is true for most of us because of our attitude toward sales and what we perceive sales people to be.

Let's play a short game. This is a word association game. Take out a pen and paper. Now, over the next 30 seconds, don't dwell on this game, just make notes of as many of those images that pop into your mind when you hear the word 'salesman!' What did you come up with? I bet you had images of a used car salesman, pushy and fast talking people, aggressive and slick door to door sales people, the dreadful telemarketer who reads a canned script and doesn't take no for an answer... right? Well that is not the reality of true effective selling. When you meet effective salespeople, the majority of the time you will find these people very professional, respectable, and success surrounds them.

However, the stereotypical salesperson still exists. They exist because of the old type of sales training. The same is true in recruiting in network marketing. Start today by building on a personal attitude that you are in relationship selling and not traditional stereotypical selling. You are a professional and are there to help your prospect make an informed decision.

TIP --> Drop all the traditional canned approaches and scripts. Focus on your prospect and develop a strong attitude that you are a professional in the sales process. You will recruit more when your attitude is stronger. Most importantly, develop an attitude of concern for your prospect by developing your listening skills. The more you listen, the more you appear to be a person who cares about your prospect. ------------------------------------------------------------ Unleash Your Network Marketing Genius with Leaders Club ------------------------------------------------------------ Plug into over $4000 of proven training resources: * over 200 hours of online audio * over 200 pages of online articles * interact with other industry leaders * the latest news and issues facing the industry * access to benefits for subscribers * plus much more...

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