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  Ways to Lose Website Visitors

“Are the features of your Web site aimed at customer usability, or did you or your designer sneak in a few ego-satisfying features?

Not that satisfying one’s ego is necessarily a bad thing, but maybe your home business Web site is not the right place to do it.

After reviewing a range of Web sites — from personal to businesses’ of all kinds — I’m going to focus on 10 ways to successfully drive visitors away.

Splish splash. One sure-fire way to confuse and annoy visitors is to introduce your site with a splash page that contains no indication of what your company does and no navigational tools except a link that says, “Click to enter.”

If you could possibly add a Flash movie and a phrase such as “Page loading, please be patient” or “Click here to skip intro,” you could send visitors away even faster.

Keep secrets. Make sure the top third of your first page lacks a clear statement explaining what your company does. Put a vague but clever piece of prose there, a poem or a very large graphic or photograph, but don’t mention the purpose of your site.

If you work under the premise visitors will search for what they can’t find, you’ll get ‘em running from your site every time!”… the rest at

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