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  Network Marketing Business Challenges

“You can’t make money and excuses at the same time.” – Joe Schroeder

Building a network marketing business is many times a challenge. We often hear about having a positive mental attitude and just do whatever it takes and we will be successful. Easier said than done!

Going beyond having a positive mental attitude, we must build a sustainable motivation and condition our mind to make certain we are taking the necessary actions to build and grow our business. The above quote I heard from Joe a long time ago really stuck in my head. Re-read the quote a couple times and take a few minutes to really think about it.

One of the most often excuses I hear from network marketers is, “I don’t have money, in fact, I barely have enough money for my leads.” What about you, do you have the money to market your business? The truth is, most network marketers do not have the money to market and when you don’t have the money to market, you can’t market effectively.

So, if you don’t have the money to market, do NOT make ‘not having money’ an excuse for not building your business. Rather, make ‘not having money’ the reason to build your business. Make it YOUR PRIORITY to build your marketing budget.

Realize, to start your network marketing business, you can start on a shoestring marketing budget… you can even start with very little money, even for free. But getting started in business and building a business are two different things. You will find, building your business will take an average $300 to $500 a month. You will have postage, phone bills, marketing material, leads, etc. Let’s face it – You NEED a marketing budget. Your downline NEEDS a marketing budget.

I strongly believe, if you had an extra $300 a month to market your business, you would make less excuses for not taking action and you would begin to really build a big business. What if 10% of your downline also made a serious commitment and had an extra $300 a month to market their business? The possibilities are endless.

So how do you build a marketing budget? Begin with Leaders Club! Leaders Club is more than just a lead source, by referring Leaders Club to other networkers, you earn a commission. This commission (residual) becomes your marketing budget. Set a goal as to the size of a budget for your marketing that you want ($300, $500, or $2000 a month is not unrealistic). Then get with your Leaders Club upline and map out a plan to achieve building your marketing budget.

Keep in mind, if you do not have the money to market, you can’t market your business effectively. Without the money to market, you will also tend to always make excuses because you do not have the money to market.

TIP – It is extremely important for you to make building your marketing budget a priority… even if it means putting your primary business on hold for a couple months while you focus on building your budget. Build your budget as soon as possible and you will find building your primary business will be a whole lot easier.

Article from Leadersclub

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