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That Free Thing Like Groupon But Better

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

That Free Thing Like Groupon But Better

That Free Thing Better Than Groupon

I recently joined a new work at home business that is quickly becoming one of the most popular network marketing opportunities ever.

Many organizations are cashing in like crazy using this FREE model. By now, most everyone has heard of Groupon. It launched a couple years ago and has over 43,000,000 members….43 MILLION members! Groupon is a great service that provides discounts on thousands of products and services worldwide.

But what makes That Free Thing stand out? Groupon provides discounts, but they don’t give away FREE stuff like That Free Thing. With a monthly membership, you’ll get access to hundreds of free products/services from companies all around the world.

The business opportunity with That Free Thing is so simple due to the fact that EVERYONE loves Free stuff. The timing could not be better due to the struggling global economy. Everyone is looking to budget and what better way to budget than with free things.

That Free Thing forecasts over 1 million members by the end of this year. Oh yeah, you get paid for getting this free stuff also! I honestly believe this is an opportunity people cannot afford to pass by.

CLICK HERE to Learn More

About My Shopping Genie and How Does the Genie Work

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

MyNet Universe is the unique owner of My Shopping Genie, a cutting edge new Internet software application. One might be curious as to the reason they call this unique Web product the Genie after the legendary personality that Aladdin released. Similar to Aladdin’s genie, My Shopping Genie has like magical skills to supply our wishes for saving cash, earning money and for assisting us to provide a positive outcome to our communities.

The Shopping Genie allows the everyday individual to obtain advantage of major market trends in our society. One being the fact that saving money has developed into a very popular necessity. Some folks are even stating that saving cash is the new green.

Click Here to Watch How it Works

My Shopping Genie is directly at the middle of this because when you utilize it, you may save money on the products and services you want and need. How? Anytime you search to purchase things on the Internet utilizing any major search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo, the Genie magically appears it slices through the junk to locate you the finest deals on practically whatever you are searching for.

Why is the Genie so essential? The Web has the impression of providing limitless possibilities, but hardly anything is further from reality. The top search engines need to charge online sellers fees to be seen at the top of the search results. This implies that a lot of what you view when searching for things online you need is not really the best deal for you but, instead, what benefits the top search engine. The Genie is unlike that because it places you, the consumer, first by allowing you to best control your search results so that you can locate the best buy.

Next, you can also earn money with My Shopping Genie because while somebody utilizes the FREE Shopping Genie that you provided them and purchases a product or service through one of the many top online retailers, these companies then share their Affiliate commissions with you: making you money each time they use it.

MyNet Universe is making My Shopping Genie readily available to provide the consumer limitless options in the market place. The Genie breaks the boundaries of shopping at a particular store or the restrictions of an online shopping club. The Genie breaks these boundaries produced by the top search engines controlling things we view in our search results, thus providing us with many more options. Finally, the Genie can be your work at home business that can create the online success you need for the life you want so that you can change the world in any way you choose.

Learn More About My Shopping Genie Here

Is the My Shopping Genie Opportunity a Scam?

Monday, June 14th, 2010

It seems that almost every new home business opportunity gets labeled a scam these days. My Shopping Genie is no scam. I recently joined the My Shopping Genie business opportunity and just received my first check. I can honestly say that MyShoppingGenie is definitely legitimate and has so far proved to be an incredibly easy way to make money.

The product is an innovative shopping tool that works along side Google, Bing, Yahoo and other top search engines and helps online shoppers save money on purchases they currently make online.

As a MyShoppingGenie distributor, you receive your own free MyShoppingGenie web site, a Distribution License to distribute unlimited free Genies coded with your unique Affiliate id and the ability to earn commissions and pay-per-click income from thousands of online vendors.

You will also receive your own free MyMarketing Genie system which provides lead capture pages, customizable flyers, banner ads and much more – an incredible tool designed to help you grow your business.

In my first month, I gave away approximately 100 Genie apps and received a check for $323. Do the math, that is over $3 per person that I gave the app away to for free! Do the math over the next 6 months and you will see the powerful earning potential with the Genie.

Not only that, my wife has saved about $175 on our grocery bill this month using the Genie and easily finding local coupons.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, get this powerful tool today and start giving it away for free before everyone has it! GO HERE NOW!

My Shopping Genie Now Availabe in Australia

Friday, June 11th, 2010


MyShoppingGenie continues its global expansion and now is available in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. If you reside in one of these countries, here are instructions on how you can get your Genie:

First, download your free app HERE.

If you already have the Genie Classic Version installed:

Click on the Options tab on the Genie and click on the Check for Updates box. It’s just that simple! You can also localize your search by adding your city in the Options section as well.

If you already have the Genie Enhanced Version installed:

Click on the Options tab on the Shopping Genie and then click on the Quit the Genie box. Then, go to your enroller’s Web site and install the Genie Classic and follow the instructions provided.

If you have never installed the Genie:

Go HERE and install the Genie Classic and follow the instructions provided.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All International Shopping Genies will be the Genie Classic Version throughout the initial international deployment. You will receive an email when the Genie 4.0 Enhanced Version is available in your area.

Xag Network Silver Coin Business Officially Launched

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

The long awaited, XAG NETWORK home based business has officially launched.

Xag Network is the first network marketing business that offers a 99.99% Silver Bullion Coin as the main product. Affiliate marketers have been wanting this for sometime due to the recent wave of silver collectors due to the struggling economy, Governement debt and anticipation of weaker values of paper money.

Xag Network is introducing a unique opportunity for people working at home where they can actually invest in their future while earning big money now. Members of the Xag Network will collect an uncirculated 1 ounce silver coin each month while earning commissions up to 8 levels deep with a fantastic 5 X 8 pay system that has huge potential for massive spillover. In other words, get in early and make money from the efforts of others!

Silver is anticipated to continue to increase in value and is widely recognized as undervalued versus gold. With this in mind, the low retention rate of the business will probably break records. Members will stay because they are actually collecting a real, tangible product each month that should only increase in value.

Here is a comprehensive REVIEW OF XAG NETWORK.

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