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Get Groceries for Free from MPB Today – Scam or Not?

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Is it actually realistic to completely eliminate your grocery bill by partaking in this internet opportunity? The answer is yes. Also you will get an extra income stream from the luxury of your own home.

Can you truly get free groceries using MPB Today? MPB Today appears to have came across the answer so you can entirely eliminate your grocery bill by obtaining groceries for free through a new work from home business product. With the overall economy in a downwards spiral, many people are hunting for a method to spend less and produce more cash.

Gary Calhoun, a 25 year pro direct sales marketer, together with a team of incredibly successful business people started MPB Today in order to help people in becoming financially prosperous. They did this by making a sales product that will eliminate your grocery bill.

Get Groceries for Free Here!

In order to accomplish this, MPB Today has teamed up with a lucrative grocery home delivery company. With more and more people browsing at home, the grocery delivery industry is presently a $1 billion dollar sector and is predicted to climb to $85 billion in around 10 years. So, the mixture of the struggling economy and the grocery delivery industry expanding makes this business an unlimited opportunity.

Men and women finally have a possibility to take part in a business at the appropriate time with a solution that naturally everybody requires – groceries. People ought to realize the possibility of this opportunity.

To start with MPB Today, it simply requires a single $200 investment of a grocery voucher that you can utilize to obtain groceries from the grocery delivery company connected with MPB Today. But, the shipping fees will likely be too expensive if you do not reside close to the delivery service. MPB Today has overcome this issue by providing people the alternative of getting the $200 grocery voucher or a $200 Wal-Mart gift card that can be redeemed at any Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club in the country.

You will not receive the Wal-mart gift card unless you introduce just 2 additional affiliates. This is a rather easy endeavor because I doubt most individuals will turn down the probability to get free groceries. In addition, once you cycle your 2 X 2 matrix, you will obtain yet another $200 Wal-mart gift voucher plus $300 cash!

As a result, not only may you eliminate your grocery bill, you may make a lot of cash. Answer these queries: May you be willing to invest $200 one-time to totally eliminate your grocery bill and earn a large income? Do you know simply 2 other individuals that might do the same? The majority of people answer YES to these queries. If you responded YES, you are one step nearer to free groceries and financial stability!

MPB Today Review

Is the Free and Powerful Home Business Really Free and Powerful?

Friday, July 16th, 2010

So, is the Free and Powerful system truly free?

This work at home business is definitely powerful and is a great free business for those who don’t have money to invest. However, the real power comes from the premium membership.

It is a very unique business opportunity in that people earn commissions even if they don’t upgrade to a premium member. However, premium members earn 250 percent more! That is the real power behind this bizopp.

Free and Powerful was created by expert online marketers Ken Rankin and Keith Kearney and they have figured out a way to do something very few network marketing businesses have been able to do successfully. They developed a unique system that distributes commissions even to affiliates who never invest a dime into the business. At the same time, they provide modern social network training with amazing training videos that teach people how to the use of the power Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube to build a massive amount of leads and prospects.

Ken and Keith recently launched a new and improved Free and Powerful system that includes a new network marketing business opportunity that is proving to be our biggest money maker. It is an innovative piece of software that affiliates give away for free and make big money doing so.

We have found that the Free and Powerful system is free for those who choose to passively get involved in an online business. However, the real power is for those who want to really succeed with a home based business by participating in everything that Free and Powerful has to offer.

CLICK HERE to Learn More About Free and Powerful.

Here is a detailed Free and Powerful Review

Is the My Shopping Genie Opportunity a Scam?

Monday, June 14th, 2010

It seems that almost every new home business opportunity gets labeled a scam these days. My Shopping Genie is no scam. I recently joined the My Shopping Genie business opportunity and just received my first check. I can honestly say that MyShoppingGenie is definitely legitimate and has so far proved to be an incredibly easy way to make money.

The product is an innovative shopping tool that works along side Google, Bing, Yahoo and other top search engines and helps online shoppers save money on purchases they currently make online.

As a MyShoppingGenie distributor, you receive your own free MyShoppingGenie web site, a Distribution License to distribute unlimited free Genies coded with your unique Affiliate id and the ability to earn commissions and pay-per-click income from thousands of online vendors.

You will also receive your own free MyMarketing Genie system which provides lead capture pages, customizable flyers, banner ads and much more – an incredible tool designed to help you grow your business.

In my first month, I gave away approximately 100 Genie apps and received a check for $323. Do the math, that is over $3 per person that I gave the app away to for free! Do the math over the next 6 months and you will see the powerful earning potential with the Genie.

Not only that, my wife has saved about $175 on our grocery bill this month using the Genie and easily finding local coupons.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, get this powerful tool today and start giving it away for free before everyone has it! GO HERE NOW!

Review of Data Network Affiliates

Monday, March 29th, 2010

I just wrote a review on the explosive Data Network Affiliates business opportunity. This opportunity is breaking recruiting records. I believe it’s close to 100,000 affiliates in about 2 and half months.

Read my full review at:
Data Network Affiliates Review

I believe this is going to be a big money maker. The main attraction is that you can actually make money without spending money. They do have upgrade options where you can make a lot more, but so many people are joining because it is free.

Some affiliate marketers don’t like opportunities that are free, but I don’t see how you can go wrong with this one. Sure, you may get a lot of affiliates who don’t do anything, but you are sure to get many that are motivated because it is free.

Make Big Money in 24 Hours

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Well, let’s see.

You get a list of 25,000 people and send an email that averages $1.00 per subscriber. 25,000 x 1% buy rate is 250 orders. 250 x 100 = $#25,000.

If you wanna make a million in 24 hours, you calculate a buy rate of 1%, and figure out the rest. One million divided by $1,000 = 1,000 orders. So you need 1,000 people to buy. At a 1% buy rate, that means you need 100,000 visitors. Figure you can average 1500 visitors per joint venture partner and you need 67 joint venture partners to email their list.

Now, the above is ALL true.

However, the REASON I’m pointing it all out is to get the stars out of your eyes! People hear about someone making $25,000, $50,000 or more in a day, week or month and they go all starry eyed over it.

Fact is, the way all the “big name gurus” make the dollars in their sales letters is by emailing their list or getting friends to email their lists all at the same time. THAT is the product launch formula simplified.

The point of all this is to NOT let your eyes glaze over and get sucked into every online pitch that throws out BIG numbers.

The biggest set of numbers in a sales letter do NOT win!

What you need to do is start acquiring skills. The basics of writing articles and reports. Making Camtasia videos. Getting your hosting in place. Learning to ftp. Discovering how to get people to agree to be interviewed and how to record the interview, turn it into flash audio and post it on your web site. How to do surveys to find out what people want to buy.

Now relax, you don’t have to learn all those things at once, although a bunch of them are in Design Dashboard (although not nearly all of them.). My point is that instead of buying every highly hyped program that comes down the pike, pick and choose.

Get the programs (if you have the money) that teach you EVERGREEN skills. Things like the above.

You stack and layer skills one by one. Oh yes, I know full well the next guru in line will come along and tell you to outsource all of it, they don’t know how to do any of it, you have to build and manage a business, blah, blah, blah.

Listen, I do ALL of that and have been doing it for 7+ years before a lot of the current “gurus” even knew jack about online marketing. I’m all for outsourcing. But unless you have the money for it, I recommend you invest some time and trouble into learning to do the basics YOURSELF to begin with.

You’re a LOT better off forking over the money to buy a good PDF creator or Camtasia or ebook compiler than you are hopping on the next get-rich-easy pitch that really isn’t going to teach you EVERGREEN skills that last.

So get those stars out of your eyes and get busy learning the stuff that is NOT sexy but is REALLY important. Like maybe figuring out how to use an html editor. Like buying Dreamweaver or Web Expression. Or buying and following Design Dashboard. Or learning how to use an autoresponder or set up

NONE of those activities are particularly fun. But they ARE the skeleton on which you build a successful online marketing business.


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