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Autoresponder Set Up Guide for the WOW System(Includes SFI, GDI, Empowerism)

Even with all the traffic I get to my websites, over 60% of my online income is generated through autoresponder marketing. If you've never done this, it will be a slight learning curve for you... but as always, you won't have to go it alone because I'm here to help.

Until your site starts getting web site traffic (hits), purchasing leads is the way to go (and many successful online marketers only use purchased leads and are making millions!). To this day, I purchase about 40,000 leads per month. These leads are people who have shown interest in home businesses and are willing to receive information from you on the opportunity you have to offer...without the risk of spam. You may have joined WOW by signing up somewhere to receive information on home businesses. Read the following 3 Steps closely and you will be an expert email marketer in no time!


GETRESPONSE .... After you open your account, please email me your Getresponse ID so that I can add it to your site.


You will need to read through the Getresponse tutorial to get familiar with how to set up your account.

Then copy and paste the following prewritten emails into your autoresponder account and specify the number of days between each submittal (I recommend keeping it at 3-4 days between each email)

Below are links to the prewritten sample emails:

Sample emails For ANY Home Business Leads/Prospects you purchase: CLICK HERE
Sample emails For SFI affiliates (have already joined SFI under you): CLICK HERE

IMPORTANT: You will need to edit the follow up emails with your website and personal information. The samples have my information. Anywhere my website: needs to be replaced with your website. And replace my name with your name at the end of each sample email.


Below are the sources I currently purchase leads from:

LeadersClub (My Favorite)
A little more expensive than most, but I have never found more quality leads and a great biz opp also!

MLM Power Marketing
2,000 Leads/Month - $29.95 (includes Autoresponder)

From only 1 to 2 Cents Per Lead!

MLM Lead Genie!
Quality leads...set your price depending on how new the leads are...!

If you are a member of Empowerism you can purchase affordable leads where you can even get a cash return on your purchase. They are automatically sent follow-ups to encourage them to join Empowerism, but you may also download them and import them into your own Autoresponder account. YOU CAN DOUBLE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS SYSTEM! CLICK HERE to join Empowerism if you are not already a member.

If you choose the Getresponse Autoresponder, you can purchase leads directly from them. These leads are automatically sent your follow-up email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I use the Getresponse autoresponder and leads from all sources presented here. I don't recommend that you use them all. Read the 3 steps very closely and study each resource...then decide what sources you want to use.

That's it! I recommend that you purchase as many leads as your budget allows. It's incredible to see how many referrals I generate from people who have received my follow-up emails. And a large percentage don't sign up until after 5 emails, sometimes after 20!

Please don't hesitate to email your questions if you need help.

To Your Success!
Kevin Hass  

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