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October 28, 2005

Entreprenuer's Home Business Resources's Top 10 Home Business Resources has organized our picks for the top home business resources provided by From starting, establishing, financing, organizing, and all other resources needed to succeed with your own home based business.

As the owner of, I still use's resources daily to maintain my work at home success. I started my very first business 20 years ago from an ad I found in Entrepreneur magazine. I cannot recommend them enough!

October 26, 2005

Small Business Government Resources

The following resource has just been added to These resources provide important information for those who want to succeed with a work at home business. Since a home based business is usually referred to as a Small Business, these resources are critical to your success. Working at Home is not taught in college, but you may get all the education you need through the Internet.

Online small business organizations embrace e-learning and the Internet as online counseling tools, most offering free business advice.

Please Review our New Home Business Resources Here.

October 22, 2005

Advantage of Home Businesses

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face in starting a home based business is cost. One of the biggest fears is that money invested will be lost. But that's a risk everyone will take when starting any business. The advantage of starting a home-based business is the costs are far less to start and operate compared to offline small businesses and to big businesses. provides many free and low cost home-based businesses.

A majority of home-based businesses have zero to low start-up costs. A typical online home based business can be joined for almost nothing. A typical home office can be set up for under $1,000. This includes Internet access, computer, desk, and other essential office supplies. Any small space in your home can be used for your home office. Above all, you can take the lucrative home office deduction if you set up a distinct space for an office.

Also, most home-based businesses can be started on a part-time basis. You can still maintain a day job and work your home business in your spare time. This eliminates the biggest problem with a traditional offline business. With your home-based business, you can gradually build your business until your income is good, and then decide to either stay part-time or go full-time.
To help minimize your start-up costs, you'll need to set up a basic budget for a new home business. This is part of any good business plan. It breaks down start-up costs and marketing costs. Marketing costs usually make up the highest expense and should be closely controlled. Once your home business is launched, track actual expenses, update your budget, and optimize your business towards making a profit.

Another basic way to keep your start-up costs low is to view all the areas of your home business operation and cut costs across the board. My article directory also includes Ways to Slash Home Business Start-Up Costs, showing basic ways to cut expenses. Look for little ways to cut costs away in every area of your home-based business. A penny saved is a penny earned!'s list of Work at Home Business Opportunities is a great place to start your home based business search. Most are free to very low cost to launch. Unanticipated expenses are one of the biggest reasons why new businesses fail. If you want to minimize these costs, you can start a home-based business from scratch. Capitalize on the low cost benefits of a home-based business.

October 20, 2005

Why People Fail Online

Why Most People Fail Miserably
At Trying To Sell Anything On The Internet

Believe it or not...The reasons are quite simple.

Take myself for example...when I was starting out just a few years ago
I failed miserably and maxed out my credit cards trying to figure this
internet marketing thing out. I bought all the ebooks and training
from, literally every guru selling information on the internet and
still the most I ever made online following their advice was less
than $150 in one month. Here's what I learned...the hard way!

Most folks making their first attempt at internet marketing will come
up with what they Think is a great idea or product or service,
Pop up a website and either hope that the search engines find them
or...they submit their new website to the search engines and then
wait for months and never get listed at all.

If they do get lucky and picked up by the search engines they usually
get buried on the 128th page of the search results.

Result...No one ever finds sales are made...frustration.

This happens to people selling everything from Vitamins to Volvo's.
They simply don't know how the system works.

The second biggest reason that people fail is: They try to sell
a product that NOBODY wants to buy...or at least not enough
people to make a profit.

Follow THESE RULES to learn exactly how to make REAL money online Right Now!

October 18, 2005

Gimme My Money Now

I am sure no one ever accused Marlon Sanders of being subtle. But then again, subtle dont feed the bulldog! Gimme My Money Now! is the perfect title for this e-book. The words underscore the urgency of the information contained in Marlons quick-hit, 10-step winning formula for selling products through an automated web site. And they light a fire under your butt to act on this information. Now! Action, Marlon reminds us, is what makes money.

For a full review of this product, please Click Here.

October 3, 2005

New Paid Survey Program

Finding an excellent collection of legitimate and well-paid surveys isn’t an easy job. The most difficult part about making money with paid surveys is finding an extensive list of legitimate companies out of all the market research programs on the Net.

Maximum Paid Surveys is the most authoritative collection of legitimate paid surveys. All the programs they list have been thoroughly checked out and are guaranteed to pay. It will save you a tremendous amount of time, hassle, and "trial and error". It took months of hard work to find, evaluate and keep track of all the real opportunities. They have years of experience with paid surveys and have kept only the best paid survey opportunities.

Time is Money! Maximum Paid Surveys purpose here is to help you make a maximum amount of money in a minimum amount of time. Their members website provides a huge database of paid opportunities and detailed tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you make more money, as quickly and as easily as possible.

Go to Maximum Paid Surveys now to learn more.

October 2, 2005

New SFI Home Business Products

Something VERY NICE is coming to SFI in October:

1. It's completely unique, powerful, and unlike anything SFI has ever done.
2. It's been designed especially for SFI and SFI's strengths.
3. It's fully international. All affiliates will be able to participate, sell and promote this new product/program.
4. HUGE front-end profits potential!
5. HUGE residual income potential!
6. Not a salesman? You won't need to be with this product!
7. Viable and lucrative both online and offline.
8. You'll be offering something everyone wants and you'll be proud promoting it!
9. It's an SFI-exclusive program.
10. Comes with a simple, "turn-key" marketing system that all affiliates will be able to tap into immediately.

Be watching for the big announcement soon!

If you're not a member yet, now's the time to join:
CLICK HERE to Join for Free.

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